Tynisha Keli: Fans Demand Artist in Their City

Fans are given the power to demand the artist they want to perform in their city through Event Demand. Eventful Demand enables fans to influence where their favorite artists perform by creating grass-roots campaigns to “Demand” the artists to come to their town. R&B sensation Tynisha Keli will use Eventful’s Demand service to further promote the release of her first solo LP Tynisha Keli, with the launch of the “Tynisha Keli: I Wish Tour” a nationwide demand competition. She will hit the stage with a live performance in the top 5 cities that demand her the most. Eventful provides a new platform for artist and fans to communicate. Tynisha Keli states, “…now I can actually interact with my fans and perform for them.” Listen to Tynisha first single “I Wish You Loved Me” produced by the Cornerboyz.


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