Don’t you hate it when you can never find the perfect pair of anything? For instance the perfect pair of jeans or shoes, the perfect dress, the perfect white t-shirt, the perfect ______. Well, you are not alone; hundreds, if not thousands, of women and men alike suffer from the “UGH! Nothing fits me right!!” syndrome. Just by knowing a few things about your body, you can help yourself find that perfect pair of jeans in no time.

If you are an extra small/small, you are NOT a large and if you are a medium/large you are NOT an extra small. Embrace your features and work with clothes that flatter your body type.

Jeans: Love the skinny jean trend but none seem to fit you properly? A great alternative is straight leg jeans. If the leg part of skinny jeans doesn’t fit you, a straight leg jean will give off the effect of a skinny jean. And, boot cut jeans are not out of style ladies!! They still look great on any and every body type, so stack up for the winter.

New Trend Alert * Wide Leg Trouser Jeans
PERFECT for all shapes and sizes. If you want to spice up your look, get a pair with a high waist!

Shoes: We all have problems looking for the right shoes, especially when it comes to heels. It is suggested that you size up in heels and it’s also important to have wiggle room in the front of any shoe.

Remember to EMBRACE YOUR SHAPE! If you can learn to do so, finding the perfect anything will be no problem. —— By: Anna Dabrowska


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