Update: Expert Witness in R. Kelly Child Pornography Case Issued Limitations

An expert witness in the trial of R&B singer R. Kelly will be limited in her testimony, even though the prosecution was hoping to use the doctor to explain the victim’s silence. Kelly pleaded not-guilty to 14 counts of child pornography back in 2002. It’s been more than five years since Kelly was originally charged. At the center of the trial is a videotape that contains a man resembling Kelly performing sex acts with an underage girl. As previous trial dates have been canceled on various accounts, state prosecutors have found more witnesses. One is a doctor they call an expert in anatomy and child sex abuse. She will most likely testify on the girl in the video’s age, but anything further is in question. Judge Vincent Gaughn said the expert couldn’t testify about the symptoms exhibited by child pornography victims. Gaughn said that could call into question the alleged victim’s credibility. She has consistently denied, even under oath, she’s the girl in the videotape.


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