Anthony Hamilton Debuts in ‘American Gangster’ Film, Heads Lead Single on Soundtrack Due Nov. 6

The soundtrack to Denzel Washington’s new film “American Gangster” arrives in stores November 6 with classic blues, R&B and hip hop tracks from such artists as Anthony Hamilton, Lowell Fulson, John Lee Hooker, Bobby Womack, Sam & Dave, the Staple Singers, and Public Enemy. Anthony Hamilton, who has a small cameo roll in the movie performing live, heads the soundtrack with the first single “Do You Feel Me,” which was written by Grammy award winning songwriter Diane Warren. “I just sung it like I wanted to,” Hamilton tells Singersroom. “We took time to revamp the music, then I had to vocally and soulfully deliver the song to the level it needed to be.” Hamilton says “American Gangster” is one of his top gangsta’ films next to “Scarface” but people should watch the movie for what it really is and not idolize it. He tells Singersroom, “I mean there are going to be those that are naïve and they’re going to try to go off and imitate some of these images and then they’re gonna get caught up. But for me personally I’m not getting caught up in nothing…I got enough going on with just living a regular life. With doing music, being a cook, and being a father, I don’t have time to be playing games…I gotta go get groceries.” The final album track listing is as follows: 1). Do You Feel Me (Anthony Hamilton) 2). Why Don’t We Do It In The Road? (Lowell Fulson) 3). No Shoes (John Lee Hooker) 4). Across 110th Street (Bobby Womack) 5). Stone, Cold (Anthony Hamilton) 6). Hold On I’m Comin’ (Sam & Dave) 7). I’ll Take You There (the Staple Singers) 8). Can’t Truss It (Public Enemy) 9). Checkin’ Up On My Baby (Hank Shocklee) 10). Club Jam (Hank Shocklee) 11). Railroad (Hank Shocklee) 12). Nicky Barnes (Hank Shocklee) 13). Hundred Percent Pure (Marc Streitenfeld) 14). Frank Lucas (Marc Streitenfeld) Read Anthony Hamilton’s interview with Singersroom here.


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