Beyonce Knowles Reveals New Samsung ‘B-Phone’

Singer, actress, and fashion designer Beyonce released her new Samsung B – Phone yesterday (Oct 11.) at the Samsung store in New York. Samsung’s limited edition B-Phone, which is a Beyonce branded version of the UpStage music phone. The handset features burgundy and gold colors designed by the singer herself, in addition to this feature the phone also includes a Beyonce themed startup screen and the ability to download exclusive Beyonce videos, photos, and a song she recorded as a child. “When I was 10, I recorded a song called ‘632-5792’ a phone number. It’s a little embarrassing but it’s cute. There’s a recording of that song on the phone exclusively for my fans, I wanted to make sure people got a feel for who I really am. It’s only through this phone that you can get this close to my life.” The B- Phone showcases a dual sided design, with an MP3 player on one side and a phone on the other. View pictures here


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