Exquisite 101: The Gentlemen Has Returned!

Fellas its time to wake up, today dawns a new day! We are in the year 2007 it’s the death of the thug and rebirth of something much smoother, hence the return of the gentlemen. This is no longer a look of the past.

Brothers like Andre 3000, Dhani Jones, and Fonsworth Bentley have reminded us its time to throw the baggy jeans in the closet with the white tee. We need to step into sophistication with this “new” look.

Pick up a pair of suspenders, collard shirt, a bow tie (not a clip on), and a cardigan sweater. If you wear glasses get a pair of those thick black Malcom X frames by any means necessary.

Aside from looking like a cool version of Steve Erkel, comes a feeling of success. A wise man once told me “if you’re on the team you get a jersey.” If you want to be successful dress the part.

For those of you feeling extra gentlemenish get yourself a manicure, and massage. Your not a metro sexual in the words of Katt Williams “your just keeping it pimpin’.” —— By: International Rell


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