Fall Fashion: What to Keep & What to Get

As much as I’m enjoying the last few weeks of summer, I can’t help but anticipate the upcoming fall season because as we all know, FALL=FASHION. Now, don’t panic about getting a whole new wardrobe to fit the fashion mode; most of your summer clothes can transition into the fall! Here you will find a complete list of what to keep from your summer essentials and what to get to put a little extra kick into your fall wardrobe.

– Open Toe Pumps: Don’t put your open toe sandals in storage just yet. Wedges, peep-toe, open toe, and platform pumps are perfect for the fall with tights. Thick black tights look great with wooden wedges and textured tights look classy yet casual with open toe pumps. Check out H&M for such styles ranging from $5 to $20.

– Dresses: You don’t need to become dependent on jeans this fall; reuse your summer dresses! Pair a flowy, summer dress with a loose fitting cardigan and for especially cold nights, throw on some stockings or boots and you’re good to go!

– Tanks: Save your long-sleeve tops for the winter, mix up piece from your wardrobe to achieve a cool look. Pair a short sleeve top with a tank top. Or, just wear a cardigan over a tank and finish off your look with a scarf, SO CHIC!

– Leggings: The perfect, comfortable replacement for tights or jeans. Make sure you cover your backside with a long, cozy sweater and don’t be afraid to add a couple extra inches with some sky-high pumps.

– Scarves: The perfect wardrobe essential to help add a little something to your outfit. Play around with colors; if you’re wearing white, get a blue scarf. And, don’t be afraid of patterns and textures, plaid and checkered designs are very hot this season.

– Cozy Sweater: A must have for fall! Forget about long sleeve shirts, it’s all about that one perfect sweater. There’s no need for it to be skin tight, get a more loose fitting and longer one that you can wear with jeans, tights, or leggings!

– A Bold Accessory: This can be anything, a bracelet, a necklace, ring, or a bright pump. This season is all about making a statement and what better way to do that then with a bright accessory or shoe to mix things up a bit?! —— By: Anna Dabrowska


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