August Gift Bag

Summer’s already here so kick back, relax, and scope out the fashion/lifestyle scene. It’s 2007 and while some of us thought that there is nothing left to evolve on the fashion scene and create in the entertainment world, you thought wrong. Check out these hot new items which are sure to put you a step ahead in the game.

Colored Denim Jeans 1. Colored Denim: Toss your leggings into your closet because this season it’s all about the jeans, bright colored jeans that is. Just when you thought you wouldn’t wear anything past light blue denim, red, blue, purple, yellow, and even green jeans are the hottest thing on the streets right now. And, they go great with anything! You can pair bright colored jeans with monotone tops and instantly, watch your look transform from blah to look at me! Colored denim shorts are also a great replacement if you don’t want to sweat up a storm in 90 degree heat, so go for it! Check out American Apparel’s line of skinny colored jeans (The Slim Stack) retailing for about $68 and bright colored denim shorts ($44). HOT!!

 Apple iMac Leopard 2. Apple iMac “Leopard” Operating System: Just when you thought they’ve done it all, Apple does it again: the newest, fastest, most advanced operating system for Macs, the Mac OS X Leopard. Forget your plain old Windows XP system, this program can actually go back in time and retrieve files (pictures, word documents, contacts, etc.) that you may have deleted in the past, no matter how long ago. Amazing, huh? Now you don’t have to feel guilty about “accidentally” deleting those embarrassing pictures from your sisters wedding, just hop on the time machine and there you have it, your past present. The program is set to be available for upgrade in the upcoming Fall season so don’t cash out on that new laptop just yet, wait for this bad boy to hit stores. Check out the Mac OS X Leopard preview on

A Long Way Gone 3. Summer Reads: Now I know we all can’t wait to hit the beach this summer and forget all the stresses of school and work, but that doesn’t mean giving your brain time off; engage in a great book to feed your mind and fuel your imagination. Ismael Beah’s, ” A Long Way Gone,” can do just that. Get lost in Beah’s heart wrenching autobiography of growing up as a boy warrior during the Civil War in Sierra Leone. I won’t spoil the rest of the details; I’ll leave the pleasure up to you.

Amaya Swimwear 4. Amaya Swimwear: Time to hit the beach, but what better way than with some hot swimwear? Amaya Swimwear is a Florida based company selling great one and two piece bathing suits in flattering details, vibrant colors and styles to fit any and every need. Notoriously known on BET’s “Rip the Runway,” these great, one of a kind, pieces are now available to you. The suits may be a little pricey (ranging from $100-$300) but definitely worth investing in; when you hit the beach in one of these, you’ll know exactly what I mean. Now if you’re not from Florida don’t you worry, hit up the site ( and hook yourself up.

Keep Shoes 5. Keep Shoes: Now for a favorite of every season: shoes! Men and women alike can never have enough shoes and great styles that are both fashionable and comfortable at the same time are sometimes hard to find. Keep Shoes offer both versatility, ease of wear, and comfort at a great price for both men and women. With vibrant colors and patterns, they are sure to keep you a foot ahead of the game this summer season. The “Juniper” is one of my tops picks for women. Great to wear with anything: dresses, jeans, shorts, leggings, you name it! Put a little pep in your step and treat yourself to some foot candy –cute shoes! For more info check out —— By: Anna Dabrowska


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