Trend Watch: Who Wears Short Shorts?

Walking down the heat-ridden streets of the city, anyone can melt like the wicked witch of the west. In this 90 degree, humid weather I’ve come to notice how the ladies keep cool: short shorts, anyone? This has noticeably and notoriously become the trend of the summer but what is appropriate and what is crossing the line?

I was shopping at one of my favorite vintage spots in my Brooklyn neighborhood and past me, strutted an American Apparel ad look-alike wearing royal blue, cotton boy shorts, not jean shorts but booty-hugging shorts. And for those who don’t know what boy shorts are, it’s underwear, literally underwear that females usually wear under short dresses so that everyone won’t see their goods. I wondered if maybe she forgot to put her shorts over her underwear but she wore them so nonchalantly that the thought escaped my mind.

Now this is crossing the line, actually it’s over crossing the line! Now, I understand that it’s damn hot and we all want to keep cool and wear the least amount of clothes possible (to say the least), but there are ways to go about doing this and not make eyes pop out of sockets and tongues wag profusely.

Jean shorts are great for this summer season. Take a pair of old, baggy jeans and cut them. The fringed ends are very trendy right now and can be dressed up with pumps or down with flats. On top of being trendy, they’re super comfortable and unique. When buying shorts, consider your body type. Too short shorts won’t look good if you got a little junk in the trunk, go a size or two up to make them look more classy than trashy. Be sure to balance out your look. If you want to go short on the bottom, go a little more loose on top or even, if the weather allows, wear a ¾ or long sleeve top. And ladies, remember underwear is not a fashion statement so don’t fall victim! —— By: Anna Dabrowska


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