Here it From The Source Directly, Beyonce Quiets the Rumor Mill

In a recent interview with Associated Press, R&B singer Beyonce Knowles cleared up various rumors in relation to her album ‘B’Day,’ her all women band, and the continuous attacks from gossip websites. When asked about the ton of criticism about her critically acclaimed second LP “B’Day,” Beyonce says, “Since Destiny’s Child first came out, we’ve always had criticism … (‘B’Day’) is nothing compared to some of the criticism that we’ve gotten. I’m pretty strong and I’m very confident in what I do. … I had had a lot of people love the record, it was very successful. I had a lot of fans and a lot of people loved everything, the videos and the songs, and then of course, everyone’s different, there were people who didn’t like it. There were people who didn’t like my first album, there will be people who won’t like my next album. And that’s just human nature, I can’t expect everyone to love everything that I do. Some of the criticisms was constructive and I listened to that and grew from it.” When asked if it was true that her all women band could not get along, B says, “I was afraid of that in the beginning when I had the idea. I was like, this will never work … (but) I found focused and incredible musicians that are just as good or better than any guy. And then I was like, well, even if I do find it, after a while, there will be some problems. (Laughs.) But it hasn’t been any problems, and everyone is just talented and secure and excited.” When ask if she visits the gossip sites that always write things about about her, B Says, “Sometimes I’ll run across certain things, usually in the paper, because I read the paper more so than the Web. There’s one or two sites that I can go to. But if I go on the Internet and try to see what people are saying, I’ll probably want to crawl under a rock. (Laughs.) Because I’m still human and certain things, it just hurts, so I try not to read the Internet too much.” Visit The Associated Press for the full interview.


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