‘Freak Like Me’ R&B Singer Adina Howard Releases New CD

After almost a dozen delays, R&B singer Adina Howard, whose image is often described as hyper-sexual, has released an album titled ‘Private Show,’ which includes songs written by the Track Boyz, Francci, and others. The disc, Adina’s most commercially audible album, released June 26, 2007, suffered again to the idle hands of her label and head, Max Gousse. Without any radio promotion, in store signings, interviews, or music video the album reached an impressive #17 on the R&B iTunes sales chart but failed to make a mark on the all important Billboard charts. The day before the album’s release word leaked that the label refused to pay invoices for all album art work, publicity, song writers, producers, and studio time. This could be the explanation for the simple rose cover on the album front. With lack of support and promotion, Howard did not let her label issues stop her from promoting the new album. She recently released phone ringtones of the entire “Private Show” album and her private jewelry collection entitled “Vixen Vintage.” “I stand strong and will remain positive during this time. Lets show the world what I have always known, that I have the most amazing fans! Thank you for sticking by me. You are all incredible!” Howard writes on her myspace page. No word yet on impending lawsuits or removal of the album from the market due to some songs not being paid for. R&B singer Adina Howard rose to prominence during the mid 1990s with her debut album, Do You Wanna Ride? and her debut single, “Freak Like Me,” which has sold over 1.3 million copies to date worldwide. Howard is known for her sexual image and songs.


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