Men At Large Challenge America’s Black Men To Lose 2 Miilion Pounds

R&B singing duo Men At Large are challenging African American Men to loose 2 Million lbs. before the end of 2007 to improve their health. The duo (Dave Tolliver and Edgar “Gemini” Porter) were discovered by the late Gerald Levert and were inspired to begin their weight loss efforts after Levert died of weight related health issues late in 2006. “That really had an impact on us,” said Tolliver. The group who themselves weigh a combined 750 lbs. found it hard to get back in shape when preparing to go on the road to promote their forthcoming CD Back On Top due from Couzan/Universal Records in July. “We realized we aren’t as young as we used to be but obviously being over weight was having a serious impact on us. We knew we needed to make some serious changes,” said Porter. According to Tolliver “Our biggest effort has been the simplest, pushing back from the table and eating less. We are walking a lot and rehearsing more vigorously to get in shape. Our personal ! goal is to loose 100 lbs. each.” Tolliver said, “Searching ways to loose weight on the internet let us know just how big the problem is among Black Men.” Porter added “Gerald’s death was a big loss to us and when we began to look around at a lot of friends and family members who were also dying young it hit us that many of them were dying from either, being overweight, being diabetic, or having high blood pressure.” “We knew that on tour we would be before a largely Black audience and that we would be able to speak out on a lot of black radio stations and newspapers about these problems. It suddenly became clear to us that we would have an audience to really make a difference in an area that is far more of an impact than our music. That’s when we came up with the idea of a contest to draw attention to what is really an epidemic,” said the duo. Statistically over 69% of all Black Men are over weight and 40% of all African American Men suffer from high blood pressure compared to 27% of White Men. According to the CDC 8% of all African American Men have diabetes, which is nearly twice that of White Men. Tolliver concludes, “People have asked us if this is a contest what is the prize? I tell them the prize is a longer, healthier life.” Men At Large hit the music scene in 1992 with their eponymous debut CD that was followed up in 1994 with their sophomore disc One Size Fits All. The two CD’s spawned 3 hit singles “So Alone,” “Use Me” and “Mmm, Mmmm, Good.” Men At Large Performance Dates: 5/20 – Taboo 2 – Atlanta, GA – 6075 Roswell, RD NE 5/26 – Club Placc – Dayton, OH – 1130 E. Main Street 5/27 – Sinergy – Cleveland, OH – 1213 W. 6th ST, Warehouse District


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