Kelly Rowland Defends Hip Hop and Don Imus

In an interview with RWD magazine, R&B singer Kelly Rowland shared her feelings on the state of Hip Hop and Don Imus. “I don’t think hip hop is to blame,” Kelly tells the magazine. “Every music has it’s own expression, it’s own art. So it’s how you choose to express yourself through your art. I support hip hop until I die; at the end of the day, we’re all individuals, we make our own decisions and we know right from wrong. But I mean, we got to really look at what’s happening here – what going unsaid. Look at Virginia Tech murders- there was supposed to be some situation with the killer listening to rock music – but rock music doesn’t get blamed. Like, who are we pointing fingers at here, really? Lets read between the lines , you know?” Cho Seung-Hui, the Virginia Tech murderer, was fixated with a song called “Shine,” by 90’s Christian band Collective Soul. As for Imus, Kelly defends the radio personality saying a lot of other people should have gotten the boot also. “I feel like Don Imus shouldn’t have got fired. I feel like there’s so many different DJs and people like that on earth in general, then we should fire them all. What he said was wrong, – but he shouldn’t have been fired. There’s so many Don Imus’ on this earth – fire them all. Enough negativity.” Check the new issue of RWD, out May 21, for the full, revealing interview in which Kelly cries, laughs and talks Beyonce, Boys and Heartbreak.


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