Emerging Artist Nya Jade Launches the NYA Foundations To Support The Welfare of African Youth Orphaned By AIDS/HIV

San Francisco, CA (April 23, 2007) – San Francisco-based music phenom Nya Jade announces today the launch of the Nurturing Young Africa (NYA) Foundation, created to support the welfare of African children orphaned by HIV/AIDS and other circumstances. Nya’s fundraising efforts for her foundation include a new jewelry collection designed in collaboration by Nya and the modern, sculptural jewelry design company RedStart Design. Riding on the success of her recent song and music video release Live, Nya Jade aims to use her reputation in the music industry to increase awareness of disadvantaged children in Africa and to inspire her fans to reach out to them. Through Live and the other songs on her debut album, My Denial, Nya Jade uses a witty and intuitive lyrical voice to comment on society and it’s ideals of contentedness. The newly released Live music video encourages listeners to “live for the moment” as it shows a young boy going through the motions of a corporate existence. As the video ends we learn the young protagonist is actually a grown man who fancies himself a little boy. Nya’s message explores the restrictions our civilized society places on individuals. Live is currently in rotation on VH1-Soul and BETJ. But Nya Jade was pushing the envelope from the beginning. Early in her career, Jade was discouraged because the music industry seemed more a platform for self-marketing than self-expression. She founded her own record label, Katako Records, with the support of former Atlantic Records President Ron Shapiro to maintain her independent artist status as she launched her first album. In 2006 Nya Jade released her debut album My Denial, which almost instantly earned its place on VH1.com’s top 20 albums. For further information on Nya Jade and the NYA Foundation visit www.nyajade.com. View Jade’s new video Live here.


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