Fashion Then & Now: What Goes Around Comes Around

Just when you thought plaid was strictly on school uniform status, it’s back on the Chanel runway and possibly here to stay. And what about bangs? In the 80’s, bangs were the “it” thing to have, while in the mid-90’s they were considered the equivalent of the devil. Today, bangs are HUGE! Everyone is rockin’ either the straight bang or side bang and we can optimistically say that this hair trend is here to stay.

Throughout our lifetimes, we’ve witnessed many trends come and go; but which have surpassed the test of time and are here to stay? Reviewing the designs of this years Fashion Week, religiously analyzing fashion magazines, and recalling celebrity fashion do’s and don’ts throughout history, several trends have tried to make a come back, while others left their mark and are here to stay.

Will Smith, Jordan Nike

Let’s talk urban fashion. Colorful dunks, old school Jordan’s, “vintage” style t-shirts, funky-fresh colors and prints, and gold jewelry are the must have items on every urbanites fashion list. Thinking back to the early 90’s, Will Smith a.k.a the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, was the king of bold prints and colors. Funky, peacock colored trucker caps, old school Jordan’s, and bold print tee’s were happenin’. I’d say early 2006 was the year the “funky-fresh” style made a come back. Males and females alike were rocking the ‘Will Smith’ religiously. NY Mag interviewed a group of fashionisto’s known as the “Fli High Fli Guys” in September 06 who claimed to come up with this “geek” style based on Will Smith’s fashion choices on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” Singer/songwriter Pharell Williams put a spin on the style and introduced Miko’s colorful, Nike inspired Bape sneakers, skateboarding, and Star-Trak and all the youngsters went mad, wearing colorful dunks, skateboard chains and virtual 3-D style glasses with no lenses. So the early 90’s trend made a comeback in early 2000. But is it here to stay? I’d say the whole colorful, “funky-fresh” theme itself is starting to settle down; however, youngsters are following its subtle footprints in trying to incorporate their personal styles into what’s hot on the street right now. Thanks Will!

Stella McCartney

Let’s talk high-end designer fashion, my fashion drug of choice. This year’s Fashion Week boasted the theme of simplicity with monotone neutral and bright, jewel colors, layers, volume, and boxy-type fits. Stella McCartney presented her Fall line with either black/grey tones or jewel tones, especially bright pink. She reinvented the pantsuit alla ‘Flash Dance’ circa 1980. Her spring 2007 line featured similar pantsuits; however, with a connected collar shirt for a more “office” look. The reinvention of this 80’s look shows much potential to survive with its apparent simplicity and ease of wear resembling the late Audrey Hepburn. Another trend reinvention, the high-waist pant, left its marks on the runway this season as well. Diesel and Acne Jeans are the first to present the high-waisted jeans worn famously by model, Kate Moss and actress, Scarlett Johansson. Along with Diesel and Acne jeans, Stella McCartney’s Spring 07 line features the wide-leg, high-waisted slack and short, proving that this 80’s trend is working on a permanent come back.

Are trends our friend or foe? Personally, I hate falling victim to the evil trend; however, once they go away, they eventually come back for a permanent position in the fashion world. So maybe trends aren’t that bad, in the future. —— By: Anna Dabrowska


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