Trend Forecast: Door-Knocker Earrings

Taking the subway into the city, I couldn’t help but notice a rather attractive, tall, woman. She was literally dressed to kill in a trench, tight mini dress, black stockings, 4 inch heels and bug-eye sunglasses with her hair out in a poof “which she pulled off oh so well.” However, amongst all that hair, hung huge, thick, gold hoops. Oh my God, I couldn’t believe it; she was wearing 1980’s door-knockers! As she exited the train, I took a seat and randomly looked over to my left. From the back, I noticed a girl with a scarf wrapped around her hair wearing the same exact earrings. “Whaaaaaaaat?” I whispered. Thank goodness I was getting off on the next stop which happened to be Prince Street. Walking out of the station, right next to Prada, I pondered the idea of door-knockers. I couldn’t help but wonder, why? Much to my terror, as I raised my head, another girl passed me by wearing HUGE door-knocker earrings which literally reached her shoulder. Three in one day?! What had I done to deserve this?

Do or Don’t ?: Judging from my run-in with three door-knockers within a ten minute time frame, huge, thick, gold door-knockers are a DON’T! I mean, come on, do you really want your earlobes touching your shoulders? Gold hoops are a DO when kept minimal. For example, thin hoops or small door-knocker’s can serve as a great accessory to any outfit.

The Verdict: HUGE door-knocker earrings should be just that, door-knockers. (pun intended) —— By: Anna Dabrowska


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