April Gift Bag

What’s on your wish list? I’m sure we’re all looking for that little extra something to get us noticed! These five hot forms of technology, skin care, fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle products are sure to help you standout. Picture walking down 5th Ave. with the hottest phone/mp3 player blasting your favorite tunes, your porcelain skin shinning in that one-of-a-kind sundress with a puppy under your arm. The only question is will you break the piggy bank?

1.) Apple iPhone
The signature moment Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced this gadget at the Apple Conference and Expo 2007, reports of the next “it” product were stirring across airwaves and via the internet. The iPhone combines the average individual’s three most cherished devices: a phone, an mp3 player, and the internet, all in one sleek, thin, colorful handheld device. And not to mention, this little gadget is the first to feature all three components with a touch screen panel. This is sure to give Blackberry a run for its money! Based on Apple’s recent successes with the iPod, this product is sure to fly off selves the minute it debuts in June. Cingular and T-Mobile are said to be the main carriers and for about $500 a pop, will you break the bank?

Organic Skincare
2.) Organic Skincare
The answer to flawless skin tone may just be around the corner: Organic skin care products. ‘Suitable for Vegetarians’ designer, Stella McCartney has launched her highly anticipated organic skin care line, “Care.” Made from 100% organic active ingredients and none of that sticky stuff like petrochemicals or silicones found in other over the counter products, these products will give your “skin everything it needs and nothing it doesn’t.” Prices range from $35 to $75. Check out sephora.com for more.

Fashion Find
3.) One of a Kind Fashion Finds
Live for fashion? Don’t want to look like a photocopy of the person standing in front of you? Take the vintage route! Websites such as 101479.com and adorevintage.com offer great one-of-a-kind vintage finds you won’t see anywhere or on anyone. Adorevintage.com satisfies the tastes of the ladies with Boho chic style summer dresses with colorful prints and wide weaved belts and stylish button up shirts for the fellas. 101479.com takes the 70’s-80’s style route with flattering bustier tops and lace dresses that are sure to get you noticed.

Amy Winehouse
4.) Expand Your Music Library
Tired of the same old love songs? Maybe it’s about time to expand your iTunes library and fish out some hot, new artists. For example Amy Winehouse – This Brit has come a long way, winning over the American fan base and selling out her first show on her first ever US tour at the Bowery Ballroom. Winehouse’s Macy Gray/Etta Jones jazzy style voice is sure to have you jamming and with her hit single, “Rehab,” you won’t be crying over your ex either.

Designer Dog
5.) Designer Dogs
I may be going out on a limb with this one, but some may agree that dog’s are the “it” accessory to have. (I think otherwise) However, this phenomenon of interbreeding dogs to get the “perfect” puppy has customers lined up. You can now choose exactly how you want your dog to look; for example, size-wise, breed-wise, eye-color-wise, and hair-color wise. Not to mention if you’re an animal lover but suffer from allergies, you can now have a hypo-allergenic cat for about $5,000.
—— By: Anna Dabrowska


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