Dallas Austin Claims Christina Aguilera and Joss Stone Had Sex For Tracks

Music producer Dallas Austin has done an interview with Rowdy.tv in which he discusses the sexual past he allegedly had with singers Christina Aguilera and Joss Stone. In the interviews he gives detailed narrative recapping the events. Christina Aguilera: Austin talks about how he had a sexual relationship with Christina, which presumably started when they worked together. According to him, she had sex with his best friend, then four more of his close friends. But she told all of them not to tell each other, especially Dallas himself — they didn’t listen. Jordan, who was Dallas’ assistant at the time, kept lying to Christina, telling her that Dallas was serious about their relationship, when according to Dallas, he didn’t want a serious relationship. Christina was supposedly even talking about “having babies.” Preview the video here: Dallas also launched a scathing attack on Joss Stone, claiming the 19-year-old had sex with rapper Novel to persuade him to work on her new album ‘Introducing Joss Stone’. Austin said in an interview Rowdy TV: “She wants attention from producers. The problem is you got her – Joss Stone – and all these b***hes wanna f**k for tracks. “I had nothing to do with her f**king Novel to get her tracks. That’s all she was doing to each producer. Get your s**t together. These girls want attention from producers and then jump ship when they don’t get it. “Talk about your records, not who you f**ked. Airing your s**t in interviews is not sexy or cool.” Joss is reported to be currently dating Raphael Saadiq, who she collaborated with on her new album. The soul singer recently slammed Britney Spears for partying without underwear. Joss said: ‘I would never wear a short skirt with no knickers, because that would be silly. If you do that it’s basically like saying you’re a sl*t. And I’m not.’ Preview the video here: What do you think of this story? Comment below.


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