Michael Jackson Reportedly Brewing Online Album

Michael Jackson is considered certifiable by most music fans, though the former King of Pop may still be able to sell in large numbers. Despite a molestation scandal, episodes of balcony baby dangling and increasingly zany levels of plastic surgery, Jackson is now preparing a new release. In 2001, the artist sold several million copies of his album, Invincible, a release that scored multi-platinum success in the United States and France. “He may be one the best-known figures internationally, in music or otherwise,” one industry executive told Digital Music News. “Go to India, and find the most remote cattle rancher, and that person will probably know Michael Jackson.” Now, marketplace receptivity towards Wacko Jacko is about to be tested. The artist is now in the studio with a number of collaborators, including will.i.am of The Black Eyed Peas. Akon and Chris Brown are also reportedly tied into the project. Whether a major label would release the upcoming album remains unclear, though the big four may not have the opportunity. During recent comments, will.i.am noted that Jackson would release his next project online, without the help of a major marketing or distribution machine. “Michael is the one act who doesn’t need a record label,” will.i.am said. “He can do it all through social networking sites.” The release could be packaged by an entity simply called The Michael Jackson Company, Inc., according to one source, a group that supersedes MJJ Productions. Meanwhile, some information suggests that an unspecified direct-to-consumer music service may also deliver the release, though that remains unconfirmed. Source: Digital Music News


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