Alicia Keys offers college scholarships

Nine-time Grammy award winner Alicia Keys is in the mood of giving but there is a catch to her generosity. The singer recently donated $20,000 in college scholarships, but stipulated any recipient must perform community service in his or her hometown. According to the New York Daily News, Keys says that her donation and related stipulation for Open Door Scholarships will help the funds get to those who deserve them the most. “It’s a reward for students … who contribute to make this a better world,” she said. “We can do something to help find those bright minds that need a helping hand,” Keys told the paper. “It all adds up.” Keys’ donation will come in the form of four $5,000 grants, with each of the grants being presented upon a deserving individual from Atlanta, New Orleans, New York’s Harlem borough and Jacksonville, Fla. Key’s scholarship effort, which she plans to continue doing on an annual basis, will be detailed on a forthcoming Web site.


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