MinoriTees: More than Just Your Mama’s T-Shirt

Some might call them sexy. Others might call them bold. Most would consider them T-shirts with a twist.

Whether rocking one of the signature graphic tees or strutting your stuff in a shirt that screams “notice and appreciate me,” MinoriTees is definitely raising the bar when it comes to the design of urban T-shirts.

Launched in 2004 by Founders Collin Spencer and Austin Green, the line was created out of an urge to design something that could both empower and inspire. “For the longest time we would go out to various stores and see all kinds of T-shirts. But we never really saw anything that played toward minorities,” said Collin. “We wanted to be able to give people a chuckle, but also something they could appreciate.”

Boy, have things changed since 2004.

Today, the line includes hoodies and accessories and has been featured on multiple national television programs, including UPN’s “America’s Next Top Model” and Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance.”

Most recently, Janet Jackson donned a MinoriTees Body & Soul T-shirt at a Chicago press junket for the release of her newest album “20 Y.O.”

“You can’t ask for a bigger star in the world to where your product,” Austin said. “We knew this would happen for us, we just didn’t know it would happen so soon.”

The brand can easily be described as both smart and stylish. It offers conscious, casual apparel to an often over-looked market with a focus on strength, individuality and pride.

With T-shirts that boast sayings such as “Black and Blues, “Naturally Tanned,” and “BlackBoy,” there is definitely something for every trend-setter.

MinoriTees doesn’t aim to be a mainstream driven brand. It markets toward the conscious consumer who is somewhat fashion-forward and has a sense of style.

“I wouldn’t classify it as a race thing since we are so multi-cultural and inclusive,” said Austin. “We’re focused on building a brand and building something that is going to be sustainable. We make a conscious effort to stand out from the crowd.”

The brand has gone against the majority by choosing to distribute its merchandise to retailers who can be considered more mom-and-pop than mass, mega store.

“We want to cater to people who want something different,” said Collin. Our shirts are for people who don’t mind stepping out of the box.”

With a philosophy of “retiring designs” and plans to offer custom tees, MinoriTees has big plans for the remainder of 2006. The boundaries will be pushed a step further and the offerings will be, as our girl Beyonce would say, “Upgraded.”

“We don’t want to box ourselves in. It’s always going to be about mixing people up. Getting the dialogue open,” said Collin. “We always want to get people talking about the shirt. We want people to notice the product and know that it’s coming from positive people.”

For more information on MinoriTees or to purchase a T-shirt online, visit: www.minoritees.com
—— By: Michelle A. Matthews


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