Prince Wants To Pay Strippers To Keep Their Clothes On?

R&B/Pop singer Prince , who is a Jehovah’s Witness, is said to have begged the young ladies to cover up while he was partying at an LA nightclub. According to reports, the singer told the strippers: “It’s wrong to dance like that. You’re too good for this. You shouldn’t be selling yourself so cheap.” A source added: “The girls told him they needed the money. Prince even asked them how much they were paid per night and offered to give them twice as much to stop.” The strippers reportedly rejected his offer insisting they were happy to flaunt what their momma gave them. Although the music legend was unable to persuade the girls to keep their clothes on, he did convince nightclub bosses not to play hip-hop songs containing obscene lyrics while he was there. Since becoming a Jehovah’s Witness, a dogmatic type of Christian sect, Prince now refuses to perform over 50 of his singles because of the explicit lyrics contained in them. His religious transformation began with the tragic loss of his child, Gregory, who died in October 1996 from a rare skull disease called Pfeiffer?s Syndrome.


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