Mya And JoJo’s Girls’ Night Out

R&B Singers Mya and JoJo co-hosted a listening party for their upcoming albums at beauty retailer Sephora’s Fifth Avenue Tuesday in New York. Mya sported a slinky dress and spike-heeled boots. She told CBS The ShowBuzz that she’s not a girly-girl ? most of the time. “When I go to the spa, I’m a girly girl,” she said. “I’m pampering myself. But, on a regular basis I’m a very tough tomboy ? I have to remind myself that I’m still a woman! My nails get a little dirty; I box a lot and shoot guns.” The Grammy-winning singer added that perhaps she’s a tomboy because she has “nothing but brothers and no bigger sisters to ? keep me in check.” Mya said her upcoming album, “Liberation,” out Nov. 14, is her most vulnerable and personal album yet. “I think people are going to get to witness some of my past insecurities with my family, divorce, my views on cheating,” she said. ” ‘Liberation’ means to be set free. … I’ve been through a lot of transitions that have made me better so I have a more positive outlook on everything. My problems are so miniscule compared to what’s going on in the world, in that sense I feel liberated.” She added that her new single, “Ayo,” is about how she “parties and gets down.” She admitted, though, that it does address a rocky relationship with her ex-boyfriend, but “it was closure. We’re friends now.” JoJo told ShowBuzz that it was fun to throw the party at one of her favorite stores. “I love Sephora. I would have come by to do some shopping during the day anyway!” Her sophomore album, “The High Road,” is scheduled for release Oct. 17, and the set’s first single “Too Little, Too Late” is doing well. “It’s the No. 1 video on iTunes,” she said proudly, “No. 1 requested (song) on top 40, so it’s very exciting.”


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