Rihanna Keeps Integrity, Turns Down Skimpy Magazine Cover

Platinum selling R&B singer RIHANNA refuses to wear skimpy clothes for videos and photoshoots because she’s determined to impress fans with her music alone – just like her idol ALICIA KEYS. The ?S.O.S? star recently turned down a cover shoot for German magazine when she learned the publication wanted her to go topless for the session. She says, “I don’t like to wear things (that are) too skimpy… If I do shorts on the bottom, it’s gotta be something very conservative at the top. If it’s skimpy at the top, it’s gotta be long jeans or something. “I like to balance it out. I won’t do short shorts and short top. “That’s what I admire so much about Alicia Keys. She became so successful off of just her music. She was really conservative about her style at first.” Rihanna can always expect a backlash in her native Barbados if she wears anything too revealing – as she recently discovered. She explains, “I went to the beach and I had on a one-piece swimsuit with jeans, but the swimsuit, obviously, it had the back out and stuff, the sides out. “They took the picture and they made it look like it was a top that was really revealing… There were call-in (radio) programs about it… It was a big deal for, like, three weeks straight – talking about I’m not setting a good example.” Source: Contactmusic


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