Gunshots End Jermaine Dupri Party, JD Clears Up Beyonce Rumors

According to, A Party in Atlanta hosted by R&B producer Jermaine Dupri ended in gunfire Sunday night (Jul 30th) and left three party-goers hospitalized with bullet wounds. Atlanta Police say the shooting at The Peach Ballroom was prompted by an attempted robbery. After one man attempted to steal another man?s chain, shots rang out and three women were struck. The party was the final event in a series of weekend events sponsored by Dupri?s record label So So Def. Meanwhile, reports have been circulating about JD stating that comparisons between singer Beyonce and his girlfriend, Janet Jackson, are ludicrous, especially since, according to JD, “Only Janet records sound like her. I always look and think, ‘Where’s Beyonce going to be in 20 years?’ It’s hard for me to visualize. I don’t put them on the same plane.” Both Janet and Beyonce are dropping albums next month, 20 Y.O., on the 26th, and B-day on the 5th, respectively.


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