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Thus far, I’ve never really paid any attention to the onset of trends unless it is something that falls along the lines of my own personal style. Everyone follows trends to a degree, but we should really pay attention to what is meant for you; we must know ourselves and our bodies?. There is a new fad that can not be over looked by any means and it is: Capri pants ‘Pedal Pushers’ worn with black pumps.

Recently I went to a University of Rhode Island to support some friends who are heads of their NAACP chapter. It was the night they were hosting the Miss URI pageant; so I came a little late, alright, I missed the whole thing, but I made up for it by helping (by helping I mean doing absolutely nothing but making witty comments, under my breath) at the admission table into the party. One, two, three, four, five, and then it just turned into way too many girls, all wearing capris and black pumps. Now, don?t get me wrong, some of the girls looked really nice and had their look together, but most girls had me perplexed. I did not, and still do not understand what they were thinking when they checked themselves before walking through the door. We all know how girls are; we have that one final check before we leave to the party, club, etc. We check to make sure that we look the same and that nothing has changed over period of one whole minute, so what magic mirror were they looking into is my question? It just wasn’t working for some of these girls; not every Capri pant is suited for high black pumps, not every pair of black pumps looks great with this new trend, nor does every body look good when dresses in such a way. What’s more, there is so much attention drawn to the shoes when worn in this way, that one must be aware of how scratched, dented, dirty our incredibly visible black pumps are.

Like everyone else, at times I fall victim to the mind control fashion magazines. But I have come to understand that is very well planned, and contrived so that outfits are pinned on girls so they fit their bodies’ perfectly, in every way. There are some great trends, but many times they are not meant to be completely imitated. Just think about times you go out to a party or a club, and you see that one person dancing to a song and using all the moves from the video in the exact way; LAME!!!!! In my opinion there is nothing sexier than a woman who knows herself, and feels confident in they way she looks, but isn’t loosing her style in the world of fashion. When you dress yourself to look great, not to be a mirror image of someone she saw in Vogue, you look your best.

As Always Adenike, Trend Watcher —— By: Adenike Omisore


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