Quincy Jones Kisses Vibe Mag Goodbye

Quincy Jones has finally stepped away from Vibe. The music legend, who hatched the pioneering urban culture magazine in 1993 with Robert Miller and partners, have joined his investment group in selling Vibe to the Wicks Group. Current Vibe editor Mimi Valdes is being replaced by former Vibe editor Danyel Smith, who happens to be married to Elliott Wilson, editor of rival urban magazine XXL. New Vibe CEO Eric Gertler tells the New York Daily News: “Danyel is a complete professional. It will provide for some competitive fodder, but so long as Vibe always gets the scoop, I’m happy.” Less happy is Valdes and her high-profile supporters in the hip-hop community who think she got shafted. Says Gertler: “This isn’t meant to take anything away from Mimi. We just thought Danyel understands our vision.”


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