Mary J. Turns to 50 Cent to help recreate embarrassing moment

, and I actually went on a talk show overseas and that person had just done that talk show about a week before me. I was telling the interviewer that I was getting married, and the week before he was saying that it was a rumor. He wasn’t marrying me. It was a disaster that really embarrassed me.” Blige said she decided to include the humiliating moment in the video to prove that folks can push through the pain of heartbreak and keep stepping. In the video, after she leaves the interview, she goes directly to a photo shoot. “I’m saying, ‘I’m getting on with my life. I’m gonna go ahead and do my work,'” she explained. “I leave the interview and I’m kind of upset, but I’m still kind of going through my photo shoot. It ends up being one of the most amazing photo shoots because of all of the anger and depression and the fact that I choose to just move on with my life and be a superstar.” In the clip, 50 Cent plays C.J. – ?you know, short for Curtis Jackson,” he said. “He’s an R&B singer, and he’s aggressive. When he’s questioned by the guy interviewing them, he kind of loses his cool.” “I don’t want to give it away,” Blige said. “It’s real comical, what he does to the interviewer. I’m just glad he’s here. I love 50. I’m so happy. He’s so supportive of Mary J. Blige, and I’m very supportive of 50. He’s just gonna make the video that much better than what it already is.” Blige and her husband Kendu are tight with 50, and regularly call on the rapper for advice about the industry. “Me and my husband took him as a friend,” Blige said. “He’s someone we know we could talk to and call on if we have a question about something we can’t answer because, quite frankly, 50 is very intelligent and we really appreciate his expertise, and we really appreciate his opinions and the advice he’s given us.” “Enough Crying” will premiere on music video channels this week.


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