Interview: MEEZAN Artcouture

MEEZAN artcouture is the Philadelphia, PA based men?s wear label consisting of a collective of creative thinkers who?s out of the box approach to fashion has propelled them forward in this extremely competitive marketplace. Created by the four founders of Miskeen Originals, Mark K. Allen ? CEO, Kenya Abdul-Hadi, Ibn Anderson ? Creative Director and Bariq Cobbs ? Head Designer launched MEEZAN artcouture in May of 2004. Singersroom was able to snag some time with MEEZAN. Can you explain your reason for naming your line Meezan Artcouture?
Meezan Artcouture: We named the line Meezan because at the time we needed balance in our lives and Meezan means balance in Arabic. Also our goal has always been to balance art and fashion until they are synonymous with one another. Why do you feel it is so important to incorporate art into your fashion?
Meezan Artcouture: Because art is something that we have done since we were small children and we have always had a passion for it and fashion sense was instilled in me and my partners at a very early age so it just makes sense to us to put together two of the things that we love so much.

KANYE Is this a progression of Miskeen Originals?
Meezan Artcouture: It’s is definitely a progression into what we always wanted to do. With Miskeen people started to have a preconceived idea of who we were and what we could do. But with Meezan we are able to break those so called boundaries and offer a much more sophisticated product that fuses fashion forward looks, vibrant colors, artistic expression, and individuality all in one. What is Meezan’s merchandise assortment?
Meezan Artcouture: Our line consists of 100 % mercerized knits (tees and polo shirts), premium denims with state of the art washing and treatments, 100 2 ply woven shirting with exquisite detailing, cotton cashmere blended sweaters, brushed cotton rugby shirts, printed corduroys, nylon vests, hats and accessories. Do you feel your men’s’ wear label transcends the boundaries that have been created by the street favorite Miskeen Originals?
Meezan Artcouture: Most definitely! The only boundaries that were in place after we left Miskeen was the branding that we did. Creatively Miskeen is not the same with out us (Bariq, Ibn Kenya, and Mark) at the helm. So the only true boundary that we have been faced with is the one we put in place! So it’s only a matter of time before Meezan is a very big part of popular culture as we know it and goes on to be much more successful than any thing that we have ever done. Where do you get your inspiration?
Meezan Artcouture: I get my inspiration from those around me and from life in general. I try to take in as much as I can in my travels here and abroad. My eye has been trained over the years to pick up on the subtle details in life, and I draw from those experiences to be creative. Are there any designers out there that have influenced Meezan?
Meezan Artcouture: Ralph Lauren, Willie Montanez of Willie Wear, Alexander Julian, Paul Smith, Benetton (from the 80’s), and few others too.

Lil What are you adding to the fashion game?
Meezan Artcouture: We are adding the missing elements that most lines forgot about or just don’t know about like color, artistic expression, superior fabrications, and classic styling with flavor. Do you feel fashion and music are related?
Meezan Artcouture: Yes. They play off of each other in a big way. They both
appeal to our creative sides in different ways. Even if you can’t do either, you admire and appreciate those who can (by purchasing their products). What do you want men to feel when they put on some of your pieces?
Meezan Artcouture: I want them to feel comfortable, confident, and like an individual not a clone! High top fade or fade with the half moon?
Meezan Artcouture: Fade with the half moon. Teddy P or Marvin Gaye?
Meezan Artcouture: Marvin.

—— By: Deyior Dunbar


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