Mary J Blige disgusted by skimpy outfits

R&B singer Mary J Blige is horrified every time she turns on MTV and sees sexy young singers writhing around in skimpy outfits. The I’m Goin’ Down star, 35, has always kept her clothes on and is baffled when talented young females strip off in a bid to sell records. Blige says: “I’ll show my arms, even my abs, but nothing else. I’m watching MTV, all those g-strings and thongs and baby oil they’ve got going on. It’s crazy and I’m nervous for the kids. “At least when Madonna published her Sex book she was an adult and she let everyone know it was porno. Now it’s borderline cool for 16-year-olds. “Hopefully I can be an example to them as someone who’s made it on her own terms, against all the odds.”


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