Beyonce says mom beat her as a kid

Singer Beyonce Knowles says she will not turn into a diva because her mother beat her when she behaved badly as a rising star. According to, Beyonce admits her mom hit her only once and that was when she was behaving like a brat. She says: “I was 15 and we had a single, ‘NO, NO, NO’, and it went to number one and I thought I was grown up. I was singing in a record store, ignoring her when she was talking to me. “I was being defiant and she slapped me in my face, which she has never done in her life. She said, ‘You better listen to me when I talk to you. Don’t think that you can do that now that you have a number one single.’ “I was so embarrassed and shocked because I’d never got a spanking before but that was the best thing she ever did. From that moment on I never went there and it put me in my place before it started.”


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