Toni Braxton to give up on having more Kids due to health issues

Toni Braxton fears she’ll have to give up her dreams of having a big family because her heart might not be able to cope with a third pregnancy. Stated by WLQT – Lite 99.9, Since giving birth to her second son in 2003, Braxton has been diagnosed with pericarditis – a potentially fatal heart condition – and now she has to take care not to over-stress herself. And she fears the condition will kill her if she and husband Keri Lewis choose to have another child. The 37-year-old explains, “I want to try for another, for a girl, but I’m afraid ’cause, you know, I have that heart thingy. “With that, I’m afraid it may exaggerate it or make it worse so I don’t think I’m gonna have any more kids. I’m pretty much finished.”


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