Brandy’s Painful Tattoo

ended so horribly,? says the source. ?But she got it anyway and then had to endure the pain of getting it covered up after he asked for his ring back.? One would think Brandy?s tendency to hook up with the wrong guy would have made her wary of expressing her affections in permanent ink. Prior to meeting Richardson, the singer briefly dated hKobe Bryant before moving on to Smith, who played the part of devoted husband while her childbirth was filmed for MTV?s Diary Presents: Brandy?Special Delivery, then slinked off and told a New York disk jockey that their marriage was never official. (For the record, it wasn?t: Brandy herself reportedly described the relationship as a non-legally binding ?spiritual union.?) A spokesman for the singer, who has reportedly just signed with the WB network to star in a new, unnamed series, did not return calls for comment.


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