22 11, 2016

Earl St. Clair – Good Time (Lyric Video)

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In the accompanying lyric video, the Ohio-bred highlights various people busting moves as they celebrate their everyday life. "I just wanna have a good time," he infectiously delivers on the refreshing record.

29 09, 2016

Earl St. Clair Drops ‘Man On Fire’ Music Video

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It's evident that Earl St. Clair wears his heart on his sleeve. In the music video for his new single, 'Man On File,' the Def Jam signee, musician, and producer pours his soul out to a microphone after witnessing his lady with another man.

22 08, 2016

Def Jam Artist Earl St. Clair Is A ‘Man On Fire’

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As you can hear on the song, the Cleveland-born, raspy-voiced singer is positioning himself to follow in the footsteps of the soul greats; the swinging horns intermingle with his raspy wails...