London-Based Singer/Producer Aaron Taylor Releases Debut EP, ‘Still Life’

Aaron Taylor usually brings us new tunes from other artists like Angela Ricci, but today, the London-based singer and producer treats us to his debut EP, Still Life.

 Marrying his music with concepts within art and philosophy, the EP embodies substance deeper than his neo-soul beats and smooth tone. The song “Lesson Learnt” (the EP’s opener) has a quirky, percussive nature complimented with D’Angelo-esque brass and falsetto vocals, while the upbeat “Easy” shows more of the singers tone and vocal range. “Blue” takes us back to a nostalgic “(Untitled) How Does It Feel” territory, but with freshness that shows the strength of his writing and production ability.

“I Ain’t Worried (Interlude)” contains excerpts of the speech and recording “I’ve Been To The Mountain Top” by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. while “The Man With The Blue Guitar (Interlude)” contains excerpts of the poem “The Man With The Blue Guitar” by Wallace Stephens as read by David J. Bauman, and a rendition of “Makings of You” as written by Curtis Mayfield (performed by Aaron Taylor).

At the end of the day, it’s all soulful goodness! Stream below.

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