‘Got To Be Real’ Singer Cheryl Lynn Calls Out Anita Baker on Twitter

When someone you thought was your friend blocks you on social media, it can sting a little: Cheryl Lynn knows a little about that.

The singer, who’s known for her 1978 hit “Got To Be Real”, found out that legend Anita Baker blocked her on the social media network, and Baker unknowingly suffered Lynn’s Twitter wrath shortly after with a barrage of tweets.

Lynn, who was all in her feelings tweeted, "Really girl, I thought we were cool…I guess I shoulda known something was up when you ignored me," she wrote after posting a snapshot of Baker’s blocked settings.

“What did I ever do to you? Oh, I get it probably cuz I will sing you down on the stage is that it?,” she tweeted, then continued: “We’ve been friends since1980 before you had an album out and we were always sweet to one another I wonder what changed. Voice maybe?”

Ouch, low blow!


Another tweet read, “I’ve been nothing but sweet to you, and I get blocked. I thought we were good. It’s crazy how your true colors came out…We’re too OLD to be petty, just call me and we can settle this like adults. Ppl look up to us. We’re OGs in this biz.”

Then followers began to call Lynn a one hit wonder, she barked back at them: “For all you people out there that think I’m a 1 hit wonder check my catalogue “Kissy emoji* XOXO."

Could there be an old grudge between these two to cause Anita Baker to block Cheryl Lynn?

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