The Weeknd Music (R&B Artist – Songs, Biography, Interesting Facts)

The Weeknd has been a dominating force in the music industry for years, and his latest album is no exception. His sound is a mix of R&B, pop, and hip-hop that appeals to fans across all genres. With a string of chart-topping hits like “Can’t Feel My Face” and “Blinding Lights,” The Weeknd continues to captivate listeners around the globe with his infectious melodies and soulful lyrics.

For those unfamiliar with this Canadian singer’s work, it might be hard to imagine what makes The Weeknd so special. But once you start listening to his songs, it becomes clear why he stands out from other musicians: there’s something unique about the way he sings, writes, and performs that sets him apart from the others. He’s not afraid to push boundaries when it comes to exploring new sounds or experimenting with different production techniques.

If you’re looking for an artist who can provide some meaningful insights into life while also crafting catchy tunes at the same time, then look no further than The Weeknd! Keep reading to learn more about this incredible singer-songwriter and how he rose to fame as one of today’s most influential artists.


The Weeknd, born Abel Makkonen Tesfaye in 1990, is a Canadian singer-songwriter who has taken the music industry by storm. His signature sound combines elements of alternative R&B and pop to create an unparalleled style that fans can’t get enough of. He rose to fame after his song “Wicked Games” went viral on YouTube in 2011 and he hasn’t looked back since.

Tesfaye’s debut album Trilogy was released in 2012 and it quickly became one of the most influential albums of the decade. With its dark themes and heartfelt lyrics, it showcased his knack for combining melody with emotion in ways that had never been heard before. It also gave us some of his biggest hits like “Can’t Feel My Face,” which won him two Grammy awards for Best R&B Performance and Best Urban Contemporary Album at the 2016 ceremony.

Since then, The Weeknd has gone on to release four more studio albums; Beauty Behind the Madness (2015), Starboy (2016), My Dear Melancholy (2018) and After Hours (2020). These records have not only solidified his status as a musical genius but they’ve also earned him numerous accolades including nine Grammy awards, five American Music Awards, three Billboard Music Awards and countless other nominations throughout his career so far.

His impact goes beyond just music though – through collaborations with fashion houses such as Puma and H&M, Tesfaye has used his influence to become a cultural icon whose reach extends across all mediums including film, television and even video games. All this combined makes The Weeknd one of the most successful artists today — truly cementing himself as an unstoppable force in modern culture.

Career Highlights

Tesfaye’s career has been nothing short of extraordinary. From his humble beginnings to becoming a global superstar, he has made an undeniable mark on the music industry. Here are some of his biggest milestones over the years:

In 2011 Tesfaye released three mixtapes that quickly gained traction and earned him recognition from both critics and fans alike. His debut single ‘Wicked Games’ was one of these tracks and it catapulted him into stardom with its seductive lyrics and catchy melody. It also became the lead single for Trilogy when it was later released in 2012 — cementing The Weeknd as an artist who could make real waves within the industry.

The following year saw Tesfaye embark on his first major tour, which included supporting acts like Drake and Florence + The Machine. This experience exposed him to new audiences around the world, further propelling his success as an international star. He then went on to release Beauty Behind the Madness – his second studio album – in 2015; this record featured hit singles such as ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ and ‘Earned It’, earning him two Grammy awards at the 2016 ceremony — solidifying himself as one of music’s most sought-after artists.

Since then, The Weeknd has continued to push boundaries with each successive project he puts out. With four more albums under his belt along with countless other collaborations, there’s no doubt that Abel Makkonen Tesfaye will remain a top name in music for many years to come. Truly proving that he is here to stay.


Tesfaye’s music has been shaped by a diverse array of artists, including Michael Jackson, Prince, and fellow R&B singers like Aaliyah and Usher. His fusion of alternative rock with electronic dance elements is also heavily influenced by the likes of The Cure, Depeche Mode, and New Order — all bands that he grew up listening to as a kid in Toronto. But it was his move to Los Angeles which saw him become exposed to different genres such as hip hop and trap; this amalgamation of sounds can be heard on tracks like ‘Often’ or ‘The Hills’.

His songwriting draws upon various sources – both personal experiences and those belonging to others around him. He often speaks candidly about drug use and heartbreak in his lyrics. Despite being known for crooning romantic ballads such as ‘Earned It’ or ‘I Feel It Coming’, Tesfaye doesn’t shy away from darker topics either; songs like ‘Kiss Land’, ‘False Alarm’, and ‘Wasted Times’ explore themes of depression and anxiety in an honest but emotive way.

But at its core, The Weeknd’s music is about creating something unique rather than following trends or conforming to any particular genre boundaries. By blending together multiple influences into one cohesive package, Tesfaye has crafted a signature sound that resonates with fans worldwide. As he himself puts it: “My goal is always just to make something new”. And it’s clear that he has achieved exactly that.

With his ever-evolving repertoire of hits spanning across genres, Abel Makkonen Tesfaye remains one of modern music’s most influential figures – pushing musical boundaries while inspiring countless other artists along the way.

Signature Style

The Weeknd’s signature style is one that has developed over the years. His sound is a combination of R&B, alternative rock and hip-hop beats, with influences from Michael Jackson to The Cure and New Order. He often combines these genres in ways that are both innovative and refreshingly familiar.

Tesfaye’s songwriting style is distinct as well. He writes about his own personal experiences, but also draws on those around him to create a unique blend of pain, vulnerability and strength. By blending together elements of love songs, dance tracks and ballads into one cohesive package, he creates something entirely new — a signature sound that resonates with listeners worldwide.

Another integral part of Tesfaye’s craft is his vocal performance. Whether it be an upbeat track or a slow jam, his voice conveys emotion like no other – adding depth and texture to every piece of music he produces. This ability gives life to each lyric; allowing us to experience the raw intensity behind them all the more deeply.

By combining these various elements into one dynamic whole, Abel Makkonen Tesfaye not only reinvents himself musically but continues to redefine what modern music can be — inspiring countless other artists along the way.

Notable Songs

The Weeknd has released an impressive catalog of music, making him one of the most recognizable names in modern music. Some of his biggest hits include “Can’t Feel My Face,” “Starboy,” and “Blinding Lights”. Each song showcases a unique aspect of his sound, from upbeat dance tracks to heartbreaking ballads.

One of The Weeknd’s more popular songs is the somber hit single “Earned It.” This piano-driven R&B track emphasizes Tesfaye’s heartfelt lyrics as he sings about unrequited love. With its understated production and powerful vocal performance this song quickly became one of Tesfaye’s signature anthems.

Another noteworthy release was “I Feel it Coming”, which featured guest vocals by Daft Punk. This electro-pop banger fused together elements of funk, soul, and rock & roll with some slick robotic beats. Despite being such a departure from his usual style, the song received critical acclaim — proving that Abel Makkonen Tesfaye truly can do it all.

From heartbreak to celebration, there is something for everyone within The Weeknd’s musical repertoire. His blend of styles and commitment to writing honest lyrics make each song feel personal – connecting with listeners on a deep level no matter what genre they prefer.

Albums And Mixtapes

The Weeknd has released a series of albums and mixtapes since 2011. His first major release was the critically-acclaimed ‘Trilogy’ in 2012, which featured remastered versions of his previous three mixtapes — House of Balloons, Thursday, and Echoes of Silence. The project helped introduce Tesfaye to mainstream audiences and earned him two Grammy nominations for Best Urban Contemporary Album.

Tesfaye’s next album was 2013’s ‘Kiss Land’, which immersed listeners into a dark fantasy world filled with dreamy production and some hard-hitting beats. This collection pushed further boundaries in how he experimented with different genres while still maintaining its cohesive sound.

In 2015, Tesfaye released ‘Beauty Behind the Madness’. It spawned an array of hits including ‘Can’t Feel My Face,’ ‘The Hills,’ and ‘Earned It.’ Each song highlighted a unique aspect of Abel’s style – from soulful R&B ballads to energetic dance tracks. A year later he followed this up with his second number one album ‘Starboy’. Featuring collaborations with Daft Punk, Lana Del Rey, Future and more, this record showcased a more polished side to The Weeknd as it seamlessly blended together elements of pop, hip hop, and alternative music.

His latest work is 2018’s EP ‘My Dear Melancholy’ – where Tesfaye showcases his signature melancholic vibes over six emotionally charged songs about heartbreak and longing. Through this body of work we are reminded why fans continually come back to The Weeknd: for his raw emotionality that always comes through in each track.

Music Videos

In addition to his music, The Weeknd has also made an impact with his iconic visuals. His music videos often feature a sultry and mysterious atmosphere that goes hand in hand with the sounds of each song.

The video for ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ was one of Abel’s first major successes in this area, as it follows him on a wild night out at a nightclub. It contains many classic elements such as neon lights and dancers while still staying true to its dark roots.

Other notable examples include ‘Starboy’, which sees Tesfaye fighting off robotic versions of himself as he makes his way through a post-apocalyptic world; and ‘Call Out My Name’ – where we find Abel walking around an abandoned street singing about heartbreak. Each video is carefully crafted to capture the emotion of the track whilst offering up something visually arresting for fans to enjoy.

Tesfaye continues to make waves in both the music and video worlds by pushing boundaries with every release – creating captivating songs paired with stunning visual accompaniments. These efforts have solidified The Weeknd’s place among today’s top artists and show no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Awards And Nominations

Tesfaye’s success in the music world is undeniable. He has been nominated for and won numerous awards over the years, further cementing his legacy as one of today’s most influential artists.

In 2020 alone, The Weeknd was nominated for nine Grammy Awards – winning three of them. His single ‘Blinding Lights’ also claimed four American Music Awards that same year.

The Canadian singer-songwriter has had a long history with Billboard Music Awards too, receiving nominations every year since 2015; ultimately taking away seven wins from these events overall. In addition to this, he received an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Song in 2021 for ‘Earned It’ from the Fifty Shades Of Grey soundtrack.

It is clear that Tesfaye’s creative talent and hard work have certainly paid off over the years. From producing chart-topping hits to stunning visuals and award show recognition, there is no doubt that Abel will continue making waves throughout the industry for many more years to come.


Having already achieved a great deal of success on his own, The Weeknd has collaborated with many other artists to further enhance his music and expand his reach.

In 2018, Tesfaye teamed up with Kendrick Lamar for the song ‘Pray For Me’ from the Black Panther soundtrack. This collaboration resulted in another Grammy Award win and also extended both artist’s fan bases to an even wider audience. He also released ‘Lost In The Fire’ that same year alongside French producer Gesaffelstein – showing off his versatility as an artist.

The Canadian star has worked closely with fellow Toronto native Drake over the years too; producing classic singles such as ‘Crew Love’ (2011), ‘Live For’ (2013) and ‘Tell Your Friends’ (2015). Their friendship is evident through their creative chemistry which can be seen in each project they have created together.

Tesfaye continues to work alongside some of today’s biggest stars, proving himself time and again as one of the most sought-after talents within the industry. His ability to create unique sounds while maintaining his signature style allows him to collaborate effortlessly with any genre or artist, making him truly one-of-a-kind.

Live Performances

The Weeknd has also made a name for himself as an incredible live performer. His shows are known to be filled with energy, passion and emotion that make them something truly special to experience. He’s performed at numerous high-profile events such as the Super Bowl Halftime Show, Coachella Music Festival and the MTV Video Music Awards – each one gaining him even more recognition within the music industry.

Tesfaye is able to captivate any crowd with his signature sound and stage presence. One of his most memorable performances was during the 2016 Victoria Secret Fashion show where he delivered two iconic singles from Beauty Behind The Madness: ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ and ‘In The Night’. This gave fans a taste of what it would be like to see him in concert, which led to sellout tours all over the world!

He doesn’t just perform solo either; Tesfaye often invites other artists on stage for surprise collaborations that have become fan favorites when attending his shows. From singing along with Drake or Future on their hits to bringing out rising stars HAIM or Juice WRLD for joint performances – there’s no telling who will join him during any given setlist.

No matter where you catch The Weeknd performing, you’re sure to be entertained by this masterful artist doing what he does best – creating unforgettable moments through music.

Personal Life

Away from the stage, The Weeknd is known as Abel Tesfaye – a Toronto native and son of Ethiopian immigrants. He keeps his personal life quite private, but there are some details that have been shared over the years. For example, he’s in an on-again/off-again relationship with fellow Canadian singer Selena Gomez. They began dating in 2017 and were often seen out together until their split in 2018.

When not working or spending time with loved ones, Tesfaye enjoys playing video games such as NBA 2K20 and Call Of Duty: Warzone. He also loves to travel; often visiting exotic places around the world like China, Thailand and Morocco for inspiration. His trips help him create new music that resonates deep within himself before sharing it with fans everywhere.

On top of all that, Tesfaye has become involved with numerous charities like Black Lives Matter Canada and MusiCounts – both providing much needed support for various social causes across the country. He hopes to use his platform to spread awareness about important issues while making sure everyone feels included regardless of race or gender identity.

Tesfaye is living proof that you can be successful while still staying true to yourself; something many people strive to achieve throughout their lives. With a strong sense of purpose guiding him forward, he continues to make waves in the industry pushing boundaries along the way!

Social Media Presence

The Weeknd has a huge social media presence, with millions of followers across various platforms. He’s especially active on Instagram and Twitter, where he regularly posts updates about his music, upcoming projects, and other exciting news. His posts often feature engaging content such as visuals from behind-the-scenes studio sessions or even clips of him performing live!

He also shares snippets of his personal life which gives fans an inside look at what goes on in his day to day activities – something they definitely appreciate. From sharing pictures of himself travelling around the world to posing alongside friends & family members; it’s clear that Tesfaye loves to stay connected with those closest to him.

But aside from giving fans an insight into The Weeknd himself, there are plenty of positive messages too. He’ll often use his platform to raise awareness for important causes or encourage others to take action towards making real change happen in their lives and communities. This has been especially evident during the Black Lives Matter protests over the past year when Abel made several impassioned pleas for justice & equality amongst all citizens regardless of race or gender identity.

Overall, The Weeknd’s impressive reach through social media is not only great for keeping current fans up to date but also attracting potential new ones too! By using his influence positively and staying true to who he is both musically and personally, Abel continues to inspire many people around the globe each day.

Merchandise And Endorsements

The Weeknd has also used his platform to launch various merchandise and endorsements. As one of the world’s most successful singers, he’s naturally become a sought-after brand ambassador for many companies. From luxury fashion labels to tech giants, Abel continues to represent some of the biggest names in their respective industries. He’s even collaborated with Puma on a limited edition sneaker line which features distinct designs inspired by his music; so fans can now show off their love for The Weeknd wherever they go!

Additionally, Tesfaye has launched several exclusive merch collections over the years that feature unique apparel & accessories such as hoodies, t-shirts, hats, bandanas and more. These items often have special artwork or images related to specific projects from The Weeknd combined with his iconic XO logo – something that adds an extra layer of personalization for devoted followers who want to rep him proudly.

Outside of physical products there are other ways in which Abel showcases his creativity too. For instance, last year he released a short film titled ‘After Hours’ which was accompanied by its own virtual reality experience. This allowed users to explore different areas within the movie while listening to songs from his fourth studio album at the same time – yet another example of how innovative The Weeknd is when it comes to engaging content!

It’s clear then that Abel takes great pride in all aspects of his career – both musically and otherwise. His ambitious business ventures only strengthen this point further as they demonstrate how much effort he puts into creating experiences that will remain memorable long after they’re gone.


The Weeknd has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. From his groundbreaking albums to his ambitious business ventures, Abel Tesfaye has made an indelible mark on pop and R&B culture that won’t soon be forgotten. His influence can be seen everywhere from fashion to tech – and it’s clear that he isn’t done yet.

What sets The Weeknd apart is his ability to think outside of the box when creating content for fans. He consistently applies unique approaches to all aspects of his career which gives him an edge over other artists who often stick to conventional methods of promotion. This forward-thinking mentality is what makes him so popular among listeners around the world and ensures that new generations will continue discovering his music long after he’s gone.

Not only does this make The Weeknd stand out musically but it also allows him to stay relevant in today’s ever-changing landscape. By releasing projects like ‘After Hours’ alongside virtual reality experiences, he shows us how well he understands modern technology – something many musicians struggle with even now. It just goes to show how dedicated Abel is when it comes to staying ahead of the curve while still delivering top-tier quality at every turn!

As we look back on The Weeknd’s career thus far, one thing remains certain: no matter where life takes him next, there’s no denying the fact that Abel Tesfaye will remain one of the most influential figures in contemporary music for years to come.

Impact On Pop Culture

The Weeknd has had a profound impact on pop culture, both musically and beyond. With his genre-defying sound that combines elements of R&B, hip-hop, and electronic music, the Canadian singer-songwriter has pushed boundaries in ways that few others have been able to do before him. His influence can be seen everywhere from fashion to tech – it’s no surprise that he’s become such an iconic figure within the industry.

Not only does The Weeknd shape modern music with his unique style but he also influences pop culture more broadly through collaborations with top brands like H&M and Puma. He even launched his own XO clothing line back in 2017 which quickly became popular amongst fans due to its sleek aesthetics and accessible price points. This type of ambition is something rarely found in today’s artists which makes Abel stand out as one of the most successful superstars of this generation.

Finally, The Weeknd’s commitment to pushing himself creatively further cements his status as an influential force within entertainment. Whether it’s releasing projects like ‘After Hours’ alongside virtual reality experiences or launching his own record label (XO Records), he continues to prove why he deserves all the accolades being thrown at him!

This unwavering dedication to excellence sets The Weeknd apart from other musicians and ensures that new generations will continue discovering his music for years to come – making him an artist who truly stands the test of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Instruments Does The Weeknd Play?

Questions about what instruments a person plays can be complex. Depending on the individual, they may use a variety of different tools to make music or even just one instrument. This is often true for musicians who specialize in particular genres and styles.

The Weeknd is no exception when it comes to playing multiple instruments. Not only has he been known to play guitar, but also keyboards, drums and piano as well. He’s even taken up playing synthesizers during his live shows recently.

It’s easy to see why The Weeknd chose these instruments – after all, each offers its own unique sound that helps him create his signature style of music. From the soulful tones of the piano to the electronic beats of the drum machines, every instrument contributes something special to his overall soundscape.

Playing so many different instruments allows The Weeknd to explore new sounds and experiment with different approaches to creating music. It’s clear from his discography that this approach has served him well over the years, resulting in some truly memorable tunes!

How Much Money Has The Weeknd Made From Streaming?

Streaming has become one of the most popular ways to consume music. It’s no surprise, then, that many musicians have found success with streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. The Weeknd is no exception. With a string of hit singles topping Billboard charts in recent years, it begs the question: how much money has The Weeknd made from streaming?

To understand this better, it helps to look at the data collected by analytics firms like BuzzAngle Music. According to their findings, streams of The Weeknd’s songs accounted for 82 million plays in 2019 alone – making him one of the top 10 artists on streaming services worldwide. In addition to those numbers, his total revenues from streaming are estimated to be around $5 million last year.

It isn’t just individual song streams that make up these impressive figures either; sales from albums and extended play (EP) releases also contribute significantly. His 2018 EP My Dear Melancholy was streamed over 19 million times within its first week of release and went Platinum in multiple countries, adding millions more to his overall income from streaming services.

So while we may never know exactly how much money he has made through streaming alone, it’s clear that his popularity and success on digital platforms is undeniable – both in terms of critical acclaim and financial gain.

What Is The Most Successful Collaboration The Weeknd Has Been A Part Of?

When it comes to collaborations, success often depends on the synergy between two or more artists. In music, this can lead to some of the most exciting and innovative sounds that fans have ever heard. One artist who has been involved in a number of successful collaborations is The Weeknd.

The Weeknd’s career began as a solo artist with his first studio album ‘Kiss Land’ released in 2013. Since then he has collaborated with many well-known musicians such as Kendrick Lamar, Ariana Grande, SZA and Lana Del Rey. His most successful collaboration was undoubtedly “Pray for Me” from Marvel Studios’ Black Panther soundtrack which topped Billboard’s Hot 100 chart for three consecutive weeks in 2018. The song also won him an MTV Video Music Award for Best Collaboration later that year.

In addition to working with other prominent names in the industry, The Weeknd has also collaborated with lesser known acts like Nav and Belly which resulted in their joint single “What You Want”. This track proved popular due to its experimental sound and complex lyrics making it one of the highlights from 2017’s Starboy album by The Weeknd.

As a result of these various projects, The Weeknd continues to be one of the leading figures in modern music whose name will no doubt remain at the top when talking about successful collaborations. From international superstars right through to underground talent, there is something special behind every collaboration involving The Weeknd – each bringing unique elements together while still maintaining a distinct blend of styles that makes them stand out even among today’s competitive scene.

How Has The Weeknd’s Music Evolved Over The Years?

The evolution of an artist’s music can be a fascinating journey. It allows us to track their creative process, as well as the changing times in which they live and create. This is especially true for The Weeknd, whose sound has changed dramatically since his debut album was released in 2011.

In the early days of Abel Tesfaye (the birth name of The Weeknd), he created heavily R&B-influenced music that featured dark themes and production techniques. His breakthrough mixtape House of Balloons had a murky, lo-fi quality that made it stand out from other releases at the time. He continued this style on subsequent albums like Kiss Land and Beauty Behind the Madness with tracks such as “Wicked Games” and “Earned It”.

However, there have been notable changes in recent years. His 2016 project Starboy saw him transition into more upbeat electronic sounds while still keeping elements of his signature moody vocals. Teaming up with Daft Punk on songs like “I Feel It Coming” further modernized his sound even more by incorporating 80s synthpop influences. On 2018’s My Dear Melancholy EP, The Weeknd returned to darker lyrical content but used brighter instrumentals than before; it was almost like a hybrid between old and new styles that showed how far he’d come musically over the past few years.

Today, The Weeknd continues to experiment with different sounds across multiple genres without sacrificing any of his distinctiveness or uniqueness. Though his musical output may vary from era to era, one thing remains constant: no matter what type of song he creates, The Weeknd always manages to leave listeners wanting more.

What Is The Weeknd’s Favorite Song To Perform Live?

What is the Weeknd’s favorite song to perform live? It’s a question that many of his fans are interested in knowing. The Canadian singer-songwriter has released several hit songs over the years, and no doubt each one brings something special when he performs them live.

The Weeknd has been performing for some time now, so it would be no surprise if he had an absolute favorite song to take on stage with him. He knows just how to bring out all the emotion from any given track, as well as give his audience a unique experience each time he takes to the stage.

When asked which song was his favorite to perform live, The Weeknd didn’t hesitate to answer: ‘Starboy.’ This fan favourite comes off The Weeknd’s 2016 album of the same name and features French electronic music duo Daft Punk.

This upbeat track showcases both The Weeknd’s smooth vocals and impressive range while delivering powerful lyrics about taking risks in life and always striving forward towards success. With its strong beat and uplifting chorus, this song gets audiences up on their feet every time it’s performed – making it perfect for a great show!


In conclusion, The Weeknd is a talented artist and musician. He plays an array of instruments, including guitar and keyboards, which have helped him achieve success in the music industry. His streaming numbers are impressive and his collaborations with other artists have been highly successful as well. Over the years, he has experimented with different genres, making sure to stay true to himself while also pushing boundaries. When it comes to performing live, my favorite song of his is ‘Can’t Feel My Face’. It’s upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics make it perfect for any show or concert. I’m excited to see what else The Weeknd will create in the future and how he’ll continue to evolve musically.

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