EXCLUSIVE: Hit Songwriting Duo Rock City Talk ‘I’m That’ Single, Being Blessed, Brotherly Love, More

Sibling Songwriting Duo Rock City Interview

Sibling Songwriting Duo Rock City Interview

Does working together strengthen or stress your sibling bonds?

Timothy: It definitely strengthens our bond more and more. Since we were born, we’ve always been really close. We argue, but we don’t physically fight, we’ve always done everything together; started school together, finished school together, do music together (fortunately) and that’s a blessing, so our bond as brothers grow everyday whether we’re in the studio or stage performing or working, so I think it builds our bonds as brothers.

Out of all the people you’ve worked with/written for, who was the most memorable and why?

Theron: Me and my brother have learned to control a room, and I don’t wanna say anybody was a favorite, but we’ve always been able to bring out the best in people. If you ever get the chance to hang out with us, they just fall in love and positive energy attracts positive energy. So everybody we’ve ever worked with have always been excited and happy and laughing. Honestly, I would be lying if I said ‘that’s my favorite person we’ve ever worked with.’ We have fun with everybody. It’s been a blessing that people have embraced us because when we first started, we were too different, we were too Caribbean for American music and too American for Caribbean music and now we’re regarded as ‘yo these dudes are dope, they do this and that,’ and it’s just like wow, it’s just sick, we’re just excited.

What’s next for Rock City?

Theron: Definitely going on a promotional run, throughout the United States as much as we can, radio station to radio station, trying to get people’s support behind the record. We definitely have a plan to drop an album sometime next year, working on music, also putting out records for other artists. We’re working with Nicki Minaj, Pitbull, we did the new Jaime Foxx record with 2 Chainz [“Party Ain’t A Party”], the new Fergie song with DJ Mustard [“L.A. Love (La La)”], working on Becky G, and there’s so many things we have coming as writers, new artists, big artists. We just worked on Gwen Stefani’s new project, just worked with K. Michelle, Tamar Braxton. And that’s what I mean, we go as pop as you can do, we go as R&B as we can go. We’re working on 2 Chainz, we did the new Juicy J single. Rock City is pretty busy and one of our goals is to be busy for the next 30 years. This is what we wanna do, we’re happy that we get to do it, write music for other people and ourselves, perform and do shows, and take care of our families, that’s the plan (laughs).

Well, going at this rate, it’s gonna happen!

Theron: (laughs) Thank you, thank you.

A little superlative fun: Out of the two of you, who’s the most talkative/quietest?

Theron: (laughs) Obviously I talk TOO much. And my brother doesn’t talk that much. Between me and him, I’m the talker and he’s just like, laid back in the cut. I’m crazy and he’s sane. That pretty much sums it up in a nutshell (laughs).

Most likely to get drunk?

Theron: Me. (laughs)

Timothy: Him!

Theron: (laughs) I’m two for two right now.

Most patient?

Timothy: Probably me.

Most likely to splurge?

Timothy: Theron!

Theron: Timothy! No, he’s lyin!

Timothy: (laughing)

Theron: That’s funny, cause crazy as I am, I’m cheap, and HE is, yo! Maaan, this man is MAN, I’m tellin you man! If you go the club, go to the club with Timothy. He got the section and the bottles on like “aaaaayyyee!!!”

Timothy: (laughing)

Theron: You gotta watch him. He’s quiet, but you gotta watch him.

The quiet storm, huh?

Theron: Yes, that’s what he is!

And last but not least, who has the best fashion sense?

Timothy: Oh that’s both if us, we TOO fresh.

Theron: Yeah, I think we both different. I don’t think one of us has a better fashions sense than the other, but we’re both different. I would say I’m a little bit more eclectic. He has his own style, I have my own style but it meshes well with each other. We have some days when he try on something and I’ll try on something, but it don’t come off like that and you see I’m and you be like, ‘what are you weariiiing???’ (laughs) But we brother’s so we get to mess with each other like that, but as far as fashion sense, I think we’re both pretty fly dudes. And I think we’re both pretty original when it comes to the fashion. So we try our own things, we don’t follow too many of the trends, we mix the trends of our own style.

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