Digital Cover: Lil’ Mo is Real – Talks New Book & Album, Reality TV, Gossip, More

Digital Cover: Lil Mo is Real

Digital Cover: Lil Mo is Real

The majority of the spotlight is on you because of TV and R&B Divas, but when the cameras turn off, do you feel like you’re depicted the way you want?

Yes, and I can’t blame anything on editing because they can only edit what you give them. They can’t add anything you didn’t actually do. It’s up to you; whatever you put out there, just realize you’re going to get it back. So, if you're acting like an ass, you gonna get ass back; if you’re acting shy, nobody is gonna care; you attract what you are. I’m totally cognizant of that; a lot of people aren’t. We’re here to tell a story, and it’s up to you to sell that or you won’t be around for another season… I know I get crazy at times, but was I personally going to do something? No, because I know violence is unacceptable.

You’ve always been a hustler; you’ve always been about your business, so at this point in your career, what do you think your purpose is?

Family first! I’ve always been about my business, like you said, but it’s not just about me anymore. Like, I have a big family. Every move I make, every decision I make, I’m not just thinking about myself. All money ain’t good money! With everything I do, there’s always a purpose.

How do you deal with gossip?

My whole life is an itinerary; everything is structured. The stuff you see on the blogs, I planned that. I work for MediaTakeOut TV. I know the power that I have; I know what I possess and I know who I am, so everything that I do is strategic. Some things do slip through the cracks, but I’m like, 'make that disappear.'

So, when it’s all said and done, how do you want people to perceive you?

That she was one of the realest, because as much as I can sing, there’s somebody that can out sing me, as much as I be turnt, there’s someone more turnt than me. I’ve been through some traumatic devastating things, but I don’t wear it on my face. No matter what I’m going through, I will never let it affect me personally, and people know that about me. People know that I’m always approachable. I can go anywhere and fit in. I’ve made myself a chameleon in this industry as well as in life to be able to fit in. 15 Years from now, the same people should be able to come up to me and say, ‘I’ll rock with you.’ I don’t hook a crook, I don’t fake it till I make it, I’m not for everybody, but I’m real.

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