The Pointer Sisters Music (R&B Artist – Songs, Biography, Interesting Facts)

The Pointer Sisters have been one of the most popular music groups for over four decades. Their unique sound, which combines elements of rock, R&B and soul has been captivating audiences since their debut in 1973. They’ve won three Grammy Awards and are still creating new music today. Join us as we explore the history, influence and legacy of The Pointer Sisters’ remarkable musical career.

The Pointer Sisters began their journey when sisters Anita, Bonnie and June started singing together as children in Oakland, California. With a blend of bluesy gospel harmonies and powerful stage presence, they soon caught the attention of jazz legend David Rubinson who produced their first album ‘Fairytale’. It was released to critical acclaim with its single “Yes We Can Can” becoming an international hit that put them on the map for good.

This marked only the beginning for The Pointer Sisters – throughout their career they’ve continued to push boundaries and experiment with different genres while staying true to their roots. From ‘Jump (For My Love)’ setting dance floors ablaze in 1984 to numerous collaborations with other artists such as Elton John, Bruce Springsteen and Whitney Houston, there’s no denying that this dynamic group will remain part of music history forever.

Group Background

The Pointer Sisters are an iconic American singing group that has been in the music industry for over five decades. Formed in 1969, they were originally comprised of sisters Bonnie and June Pointer, and their cousin Anita Pointer. The trio went on to become one of the most successful female vocal groups with hits such as “Jump (For My Love)”, “I’m So Excited”, and “Slow Hand”.

From the start, the group had a unique blend of musical styles ranging from soulful ballads to up-tempo pop rock. With each release, they continued to expand their sound by incorporating different elements into their songs. They blended genres like country, blues, funk, disco, jazz, and even Latin influences to create something entirely new.

The success of the Pointer Sisters extended far beyond just the United States. Their hit singles reached audiences around the world and earned them several Grammy awards throughout their career. In addition to being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2019, they have also received numerous other honors including BET Awards for Best Group/Duo or Collaboration (2018) and BMI Icons Award (2016).

Today, Bonnie is still actively performing while Anita and June have both retired from showbusiness but remain close friends with each other. Regardless of who’s on stage at any given time though, it’s clear why fans continue to cherish this special act: because they always put on a magical performance filled with joyous energy!

Formation Of The Pointer Sisters

It all started in 1969 when Bonnie and June Pointer, along with their cousin Anita, decided to form a singing group. With the help of their parents, they began performing at local gigs around Oakland, California. Before long, they had crafted an unmistakable sound that quickly gained them recognition throughout the Bay Area music scene.

The trio’s early success soon led to a record deal with Blue Thumb Records which resulted in two studio albums: The Pointer Sisters (1973) and That’s A Plenty (1974). Although these weren’t commercial successes, they set the tone for what would become the signature style of the Pointer Sisters – a blend of soulful ballads and up-tempo pop rock with elements of country, blues, funk, disco and jazz.

The turning point came with their third album Steppin’ (1975), which spawned hits like ‘Fairytale’, ‘Yes We Can Can’, and ‘How Long (Betcha Got A Chick On The Side)’. These songs not only catapulted the sisters into stardom but also earned them several awards including Grammys for Best R&B Performance by Duo or Group (1977) and Best Pop Vocal Performance by Duo or Group (1978).

From then on out, there was no stopping this powerhouse act. As each new release brought more chart-topping singles such as ‘Jump (For My Love)’ and ‘Slow Hand’, the sisters cemented themselves as one of the most successful female vocal groups ever. Their decades-long career is proof that hard work pays off; even after five decades in show business, fans still adore their captivating performances filled with joyous energy!

Breakout Success

Following their first taste of success, the Pointer Sisters’ star continued to rise. Their fourth album, Energy (1978), featured a mix of upbeat pop and funk tunes that gained them mainstream recognition. It included hits such as ‘Fire’, ‘He’s So Shy’, and their signature song ‘I’m So Excited’.

But it was their fifth studio effort Break Out (1983) that would become the group’s greatest commercial success. The singles ‘Automatic’ and ‘Jump (For My Love)’ both reached No. 1 on the Billboard charts – making them not only two of the sisters’ biggest songs but also some of the most popular tracks of 1983-84.

The momentum kept going with Hot Together (1984). This album saw them exploring more adventurous sonic territories with jazz-inflected tracks like ‘Be There’, ‘Dare Me’, and even an innovative cover version of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Nebraska’. As if this weren’t enough, they ended the decade by becoming one of the first black female acts to perform at the prestigious Wembley Stadium in London in 1987!

Their unending creativity is no surprise given how deeply steeped they are in music history; from gospel choirs to Motown greats like Marvin Gaye and Smokey Robinson, generations worth of influence has shaped each new sound emanating from these talented trio. With decades worth of classic hits under their belt, there’s no doubt that fans will continue to enjoy the Pointer Sisters for many years to come!

Early Hits And Accolades

The Pointer Sisters’ success was only just beginning. The sisters soon became a mainstay on the R&B and pop charts, with their sixth album Contact (1985) delivering yet another hit single in ‘Dare Me’. This was followed by the infectious ‘Neutron Dance’, which featured prominently in Beverly Hills Cop, resulting in another No. 6 Billboard placement for the group.

Their accomplishments didn’t go unnoticed either; they earned Grammy Awards for Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal as well as Record Of The Year honors for ‘Jump (For My Love)’ – making them one of the most successful female acts at the time. They even had an international presence, touring Europe and Australia to much acclaim, while also becoming popular figures across Japan and South America.

With each new release, there were fresh surprises like their cover version of Bob Dylan’s ‘I Shall Be Released’ from So Excited! (1982). But it wasn’t until their ninth studio effort Serious Slammin’ (1988), that the sisters truly explored their musical range further. From hip-hop beats to rock rhythms, this record saw them incorporating diverse styles into smooth grooves that resonated with listeners everywhere.

It’s clear that The Pointer Sisters have made an indelible mark on modern music history, thanks to tunes full of soulful energy rooted in gospel and rhythm & blues traditions. Their knack for reinventing themselves has been a testament to decades worth of hard work and determination – something we can all be inspired by today!

Influences And Genres

The Pointer Sisters have always been known for their genre-blending style, blending elements of gospel, R&B and funk into infectious melodies that can be enjoyed by everyone. But it’s not just soulful sounds they bring to the table – the group has also drawn upon a variety of influences ranging from jazz to rock ‘n’ roll.

From early on in their career, The Pointer Sisters knew how to make an impact with their innovative sound; creating timeless songs that still resonate with listeners today. They drew inspiration from classic acts like James Brown, while putting a spin on traditional genres such as country music with hit tracks like ‘Fairytale’. As well as covering popular tunes including ‘Yes We Can Can’ and ‘Happiness’, the sisters proved themselves adept at writing original material too.

In recent years they’ve explored even more diverse styles, incorporating rap beats, electronic textures and Latin rhythms into their repertoire. It’s this commitment to pushing boundaries which sets them apart from many of their contemporaries – something fans around the world can appreciate.

With decades worth of experience under their belt, The Pointer Sisters continue to impress audiences everywhere with new takes on familiar tropes. Unafraid to explore fresh sonic territory or reinterpret classics with modern twists, there’s no stopping these musical icons anytime soon!

Later Albums And Singles

As their career progressed, The Pointer Sisters experimented with different sounds and styles while remaining true to their signature sound. In the late 80s they released a series of acclaimed albums which showcased their versatility and proved that they could still make great music no matter what genre they took on.

The sisters made waves with ‘Break Out’, an album full of funk-infused pop tracks like ‘Jump (For My Love)’ and ‘Automatic’. While it was met with mixed reviews at first, the record went on to become one of the most successful releases of 1984, earning them several Grammy nominations in the process. It marked a new era for the group and helped propel them into stardom.

More success followed over the next few years; from chart-topping singles such as ‘I’m So Excited’ to million-selling classics like ‘He’s So Shy’. Their upbeat numbers had people singing along everywhere – even inspiring a jukebox musical based around their hits! On top of all this, The Pointer Sisters also continued to experiment sonically; blending rock influences with hip hop beats on records like ‘Hot Together’ or introducing Latin vibes into tunes like ‘Dare Me’.

No matter how much time passes by, The Pointer Sister’s music continues to delight listeners across generations. With iconic songs that never fail to get feet tapping and hands clapping, these timeless hitmakers are sure to keep us grooving for many more years ahead!

Grammy Awards

The Pointer Sisters have been recognized for their work throughout the years, earning multiple Grammy award nominations. In 1983 and 1984 they were nominated for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal for ‘Slow Hand’ and ‘Jump (For My Love)’ respectively. They also nabbed two more nods in 1985, one for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals for ‘Automatic’, and another for Album of the Year for Break Out.

Their success continued into the next decade; The Pointers earned yet another nomination in 1990 as well as taking home the coveted trophy that same year! This time it was all thanks to ‘Burnin’ Down The House’, which won them a Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group With Vocal.

Not only did this win confirm their status as music icons but it also showed just how influential their sound had become over the years. By fusing pop melodies with funk grooves and soulful lyrics, The Pointer Sisters created something truly special – something that resonates long after each song has ended.

Today, they remain beloved by fans across the globe who continue to enjoy their timeless classics. And while they may no longer be on stage performing together, there is always an opportunity to celebrate their incredible contributions to music history whenever we hear those nostalgic tunes come alive once again!

American Music Awards

With the success of their music, it’s no surprise that The Pointer Sisters also earned a multitude of awards from other organizations. In 1983, they were honored with an American Music Award for Favorite Pop/Rock Band/Duo/Group and in 1985 they took home another one for Favorite Soul/R&B Single for ‘Automatic’.

Not only did these wins solidify their place in the music industry but they also showed just how much their songs had become part of everyday life. From dance floors to radios around the world, The Pointers’ sound was everywhere – and fans couldn’t get enough!

In addition to AMAs, The Pointer Sisters have been recognized by various institutions over the years. They’ve received honorary degrees from both Indiana University and Berklee College of Music and even scored a star on Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame – proving there is no denying their impact as artists.

The Pointer Sisters have left an undeniable mark on popular culture; not only through their innovative style of music but also through their uplifting messages about self-empowerment. They continue to provide inspiration to many aspiring musicians today, showing them what can be accomplished when you put your heart into something you love.

Music Videos

To further bring their music to life, The Pointer Sisters released several iconic music videos throughout the 80s. From ‘Jump (For My Love)’ to ‘Slow Hand’, each one showcased the group’s unique style and captivating performance abilities.

The video for ‘Automatic’ was especially noteworthy due its impact on popular culture. Not only did it establish them as a force in entertainment but also projected an empowering message about female independence that resonated with many people.

They continued this trend of creating groundbreaking visuals with other singles like ‘I’m So Excited’ and ‘He’s So Shy’. These music videos featured innovative choreography and bright colors – which were often contrasted by darker themes to create a memorable juxtaposition.

By pushing boundaries both musically and visually, The Pointer Sisters left a lasting impression on pop culture that continues to be celebrated today. They opened up new possibilities for what could be done within the realm of R&B while never losing sight of the importance of storytelling in songwriting.

Tours And Live Performances

The Pointer Sisters didn’t just make an impact with their music videos and recordings – they were also renowned for their energetic live performances. Throughout the 80s, they toured relentlessly to promote each new release while delighting audiences with a dynamic show.

In addition to playing all of their popular hits, The Pointer Sisters incorporated other classic songs into their setlists such as ‘I Heard It Through the Grapevine’ and ‘Respect’. This gave them even more opportunities to showcase their incredible vocal range and harmonies.

But that wasn’t all. During shows, they often included crowd-pleasing dance moves like the moonwalk or robot which further highlighted how much fun they had onstage. These unique touches helped create some truly unforgettable moments at concerts and endeared them even more to fans across generations.

It’s clear that The Pointer Sisters left an indelible mark on pop culture through both their studio recordings and live appearances. Their influence is still felt today in various aspects of entertainment, proving why they remain one of the most beloved R&B groups of all time.

Legacy Of The Pointer Sisters

The Pointer Sisters left an indelible mark on the music world. Their dynamic and energetic live performances, memorable studio recordings, and unique stage presence all contributed to their lasting legacy as one of R&B’s most beloved acts.

Their influence can be seen in various aspects of today’s entertainment, from other vocal groups who incorporate dancing into their shows to artists of all genres citing them as a major inspiration. Even though they haven’t released any new material since 2004, The Pointer Sisters continue to inspire many young musicians with their timeless sound.

For those that were lucky enough to attend one of their concerts during the height of their fame, it’s easy to understand why audiences were captivated by this group. From lead singers Anita and Ruth’s powerful vocals to June and Bonnie’s electric energy onstage – each member brought something special that set them apart from others in the genre.

It’s no wonder then why The Pointer Sisters remain so highly regarded despite not releasing any new music for years. As long as there are fans listening to their classic tunes and appreciating what made them so iconic, the legacy of The Pointer Sisters will live on forever.

Reunion Of The Pointer Sisters

Despite their long absence from the music scene, The Pointer Sisters reunited in 2013 for a special performance at the Hollywood Bowl. Their reunion was met with tremendous enthusiasm as fans were eager to see them perform together one final time.

The show featured all of their classic hits and some new material that Anita had been working on prior to the reunion. Despite a few sound issues during the set, they managed to pull off an amazing performance that highlighted each member’s unique talents. It was clear that these women still had it after all these years.

For many longtime fans, this concert served as a reminder of why they loved The Pointer Sisters so much – their powerful vocals, contagious energy onstage, and ability to engage the audience made for an unforgettable experience. After seeing them rock out on stage once again, there is no doubt that The Pointer Sisters left an indelible mark on R&B music and will continue to be remembered fondly by generations to come.

It’s safe to say that even though we won’t get any more studio recordings or live performances from The Pointer Sisters, their influence will remain alive in our hearts forever.


The Pointer Sisters have certainly left an indelible mark on the music industry. During their career they released 14 studio albums, three of which went Gold in the US and one that achieved Platinum status. Their most successful single was “I’m So Excited”, which peaked at #9 on the Billboard charts in 1982.

The trio also had several Grammy Award nominations throughout the years, winning Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal for “Fairytale” in 1986 – making them the first African-American female group to win this award. They were also inducted into The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1994.

In addition to their musical accomplishments, The Pointer Sisters were highly influential role models for women everywhere. Their success showed other aspiring female artists that it is possible to make it big no matter where you come from or what your background may be.

It’s clear that The Pointer Sisters are more than just a band; they are true pioneers who paved the way for future generations of female musicians and continue to inspire us all today with their resilience and artistic excellence.

Film Appearances

The Pointer Sisters have also appeared in a number of films and television shows throughout their career. They famously sang the theme song for the hit 80s show, “Different Strokes”, as well as being featured on an episode of The Cosby Show.

In 1985 they starred alongside Whoopi Goldberg in Jumpin’ Jack Flash and provided vocals for another movie that same year – Brewster’s Millions. Their music was also used in other films such as Ruthless People (1986) and No Small Affair (1984).

Not only did The Pointer Sisters appear in movies, but they were also asked to perform at a variety of awards ceremonies including Grammy Awards, American Music Awards and Academy Awards. Here they had the opportunity to dazzle audiences with their unique blend of funk-infused pop tunes.

It’s safe to say that The Pointer Sisters are one of the greatest musical acts of all time due to their incredible talent, professionalism, and longevity in both film and music industries. They remain influential role models who continue to inspire us today!

Members’ Solo Careers

The Pointer Sisters have also experienced success in their individual careers. Ruth and Anita both pursued solo music projects, with Anita achieving the most success of the two. Her debut album “I’m So Excited” was released in 1982 to critical acclaim, producing several hit singles such as “Slow Hand” and “How Long (Betcha’ Got A Chick On The Side)”. She followed this up with other successful albums like 1991’s Steppin’, which included her Grammy-winning single “Burnin’ Up”.

June has devoted much of her time to theatre work, performing on Broadway for shows such as Leader Of The Pack and Ain’t Misbehavin’. Bonita briefly ventured into acting but ultimately returned to music, releasing a handful of gospel albums throughout the 1990s and 2000s.

Though they haven’t worked together since 2004, all four sisters still remain active in music today. Each one has achieved remarkable accomplishments that showcase how talented and determined these women are when given an opportunity to pursue their dreams!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Other Awards Have The Pointer Sisters Won?

It is not uncommon for a musical act to win numerous awards throughout their career, and the Pointer Sisters are no exception. From 1975 until present day, this popular band has earned several acknowledgments from the music industry. The question then becomes: what other awards have the Pointer Sisters won?

The Grammy Awards are one of the most prestigious honors in the entertainment world, and it’s no surprise that the Pointers have taken home three golden gramophones over the years. In addition to these accolades, they’ve also received an American Music Award, two Ebony magazine Image Awards and were inducted into Hollywood’s Rockwalk Hall of Fame in 2005.

But the Pointer Sisters’ achievements don’t stop there – they have also been honored with various local and regional awards such as California Entertainer of the Year (1976) and Album of the Year at Japan’s Nippon Record Taisho Awards (1978). They even achieved gold status multiple times on both sides of the Atlantic ocean!

These recognitions only scratch the surface when talking about all that this legendary group has accomplished during its time together. Their impact continues to be felt today through their timeless hits being played around the world. It’s clear that after decades since their formation, people still love hearing those classic songs by The Pointer Sisters.

Are The Pointer Sisters Still Performing Together?

Are the Pointer Sisters still performing together? This is a question that has been asked by many over the years and with good reason. The Pointer Sisters are an iconic band from Oakland, California who burst onto the music scene in 1973. Since then, they have had numerous hits on both sides of the Atlantic and multiple awards to their name. So, it comes as no surprise that people want to know if this legendary group is still going strong.

The answer to this question is yes! In fact, the Pointers are still touring and recording new material today; although there have been some changes since their early days. Ruth and Anita Pointer remain at the helm of creative direction while June’s daughter Issa now performs alongside them on stage. Together they form a formidable team whose live performances never fail to impress audiences around the world.

It’s clear that these powerhouse vocalists haven’t lost any of their sparkle or energy over time either; each show radiates incredible talent, soulful harmonies and plenty of nostalgia for fans old and new alike. With all original members having passed away, it would be easy for them to rest on their laurels but instead they keep pushing themselves further every year – creating exciting shows filled with classic hits plus fresh takes on songs from different genres too.

From funk-infused medleys to heartfelt ballads, there truly is something for everyone when watching one of their concerts – making it easy to see why so many flock back again and again for more great entertainment! It’s safe to say that despite lineup alterations over the decades, The Pointer Sisters continue to provide amazing experiences through music like no other act can do quite like them.

What Are Some Of The Pointer Sisters’ Most Popular Songs?

What are some of the most popular songs by The Pointer Sisters? This is a great question, as their music has had an incredible impact on pop culture and continues to be enjoyed today.

The Pointer Sisters were one of the top groups in R&B during the late 1970s and early 1980s. They’ve released many singles over the years, but here’s a look at five of their biggest hits: “I’m So Excited,” “Jump (For My Love),” “Fire,” “Slow Hand,” and “He’s So Shy.”

“I’m So Excited” was an international hit in 1982. It reached No. 9 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and became an anthem for people all around the world. Its catchy chorus has been covered by numerous artists since then including Justin Timberlake.

Released two years later in 1984, “Jump (For My Love)” also topped charts worldwide and earned them another Grammy nomination. With its irresistible groove and memorable saxophone solos, it quickly became a classic party favorite that still gets everyone out of their seats when played today!

Finally, we can’t forget about other fan favorites like “Fire” from 1978 or 1981’s “Slow Hand” which featured lead vocals by June Pointer – both of which remain radio staples to this day. Even after more than four decades together, The Pointer Sisters’ music remains timeless with fans young and old alike!

Are There Any Film Appearances By The Pointer Sisters?

Are there any film appearances by the Pointer Sisters? It’s a valid question, particularly because they had so many popular songs during their career. The answer is yes – the trio has made several memorable movie cameos over the years.

One of the group’s earliest examples was in 1985’s “The Color Purple.” In it, they sang an a cappella version of Aretha Franklin’s classic “Sister from Another Mister.” This brief but powerful scene set up one of the main characters for her climactic moment at the end of the movie.

The Pointers also appeared alongside Eddie Murphy in both “Beverly Hills Cop II” and its sequel, “Beverly Hills Cop III,” performing two original songs written specifically for each installment. Additionally, they provided music for 1992’s “Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit,” singing backup on Lauryn Hill’s solo number “Joyful Joyful.”

Most recently, their 1983 hit single “Jump (For My Love)” featured prominently in 2018’s romantic comedy “Crazy Rich Asians.” Despite being released almost four decades prior to when this film debuted, this song remains timeless and as beloved today as ever before.

In summary, while best known for their amazing string of hits throughout the ’70s and ’80s, it turns out that the Pointer Sisters have left an indelible mark on cinema as well.

Are The Pointer Sisters Members Still Pursuing Solo Careers?

Are the Pointer Sisters members still pursuing solo careers? This is an important question to ask for fans of the iconic R&B group. After all, their unique blend of music and style has been a hallmark of popular culture since they first emerged onto the scene in 1969.

The answer is yes! The original three sisters (June, Bonnie, and Anita) have each continued to pursue individual projects while still performing together as a group. June’s most recent project was her album “Breaking Out” in 2019; meanwhile Bonnie released her self-titled EP in 2020; and Anita continues to write new material with plans to tour this year. It’s clear that these dynamic women are dedicated to making sure their creative visions stay alive even after nearly five decades in the industry.

In addition to their own pursuits, all three members remain active promoters of their band’s legacy by appearing at various events such as conventions, award ceremonies, and other celebratory occasions honoring their achievements over the years. They also feature prominently on many compilations albums celebrating classic soul music from throughout history.

It’s obvious that the Pointer Sisters are just as passionate about continuing their musical journey now as when they started out more than 50 years ago – and it looks like there will be plenty more great moments ahead for them in 2021 and beyond!


In conclusion, the Pointer Sisters have had a long and successful career in music. They’ve won numerous awards including three Grammys, four American Music Awards, two number one hits on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and several others. Though they aren’t performing together anymore, their legacy lives on through their songs which remain popular to this day.

The group’s members are still active in music – Ruth is pursuing her solo career while Anita has ventured into writing books. Additionally, they’ve appeared in movies like Car Wash and Jumpin’ Jack Flash as well as television shows such as The Simpsons. So even though we can no longer enjoy the full lineup of the Pointer Sisters onstage, there’s plenty of evidence that their work will continue to entertain us for years to come.

When reflecting on the accomplishments of the Pointer Sisters, it’s clear why they’re regarded so highly by fans across generations. Their success speaks for itself: with over 15 million albums sold worldwide and multiple Grammy wins under their belt, theirs remains an impressive story within music history.

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