2 01, 2017

Is The Jennifer Lopez / Drake ‘Romance’ A PR Ploy?

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Is Hollywood's newest couple a stunt to sell records? Many music insiders say yes, saying Jennifer Lopez and Drake's whirlwind, in-our-face romance is nothing more than a stunt to hype up their upcoming music collab.

1 01, 2017

Watch Jennifer Lopez’s Taped New Year’s Eve Performance; Spotted Rocking Drake’s Chain

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Jennifer Lopez may have canceled her “high-paying” New Year's Eve gig in Miami, but the veteran singer and actress was still able to be apart of 2016’s year end festivities.

30 12, 2016

Jennifer Lopez and Drake Debut New Song, Kiss at Vegas Event (Video)

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OK, Jennifer Lopez and Drake may be messing with us! The rumored couple attended a private event yesterday, and this time out, the spotlight shined for both music and affection.

29 12, 2016

HERE WE GO! Jennifer Lopez’s Name and Privacy Gets Dragged In Drake Beef

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The first example of a danger sign comes by way of New York's Hot 97 DJ and radio personality Funk Master Flex, who attacked Drake on Twitter, calling him a "sensitive ni**a," and disgraced J.Lo's name at the same damn time.

28 12, 2016

Marc Anthony Is Divorcing Third Wife; Is J.Lo to Blame?

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Marc Anthony has officially struck out as a married man. The Latin superstar has filed for divorce from his third wife, Shannon De Lima, after only two years of marriage.

28 12, 2016

Looks Like Jennifer Lopez Is Confirming Her Relationship With Drake

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It's either Jennifer Lopez is loving on her new Bae Drake or they're playing mind games with the public. We'll go with the first option after viewing the intimate photo she uploaded to Instagram, which shows the 46-year-old and Drake, 30, snuggling on a sofa.

24 12, 2016

#SingersroomPoll: Are Drake and Jennifer Lopez Dating or Making Music?

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Drake and Jennifer Lopez are still one of the biggest gossip trends currently because people want to know if they're dating or are just friends. The two are said to be working on a music project together, but their sightings are telling a different story. Here's a timeline on why

20 12, 2016

New Couple Alert? Is Jennifer Lopez Drake’s New Year Bae?

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Well, lookie, lookie: Jennifer Lopez and Drake may be Hollywood's newest "it" couple (or at least the newest cuffing season couple). According to E! News, Lopez attended a "very intimate dinner" hosted by Drake at the swanky restaurant Delilah...

10 08, 2016

Jennifer Lopez Slated To Play Drug Queenpin Griselda Blanco In HBO Film

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According to Variety, Jennifer Lopez is cast to play in an upcoming HBO film about Griselda Blanco, the most powerful female drug lord of all time.

13 07, 2016

The Video For the All-Star Tribute Song ‘Hands’ For the Orlando Nightclub Massacre Features Family of Victims and Survivors

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Here's the video for the charity single, which was written by Justin Tranter (Bieber's "Sorry") and in conjunction with GLAAD. The clip features family members of the 49 victims and survivors...

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