Top 40 Urban A/C Recording Artist, Esnavi Releases Her New Single, ‘Changes and Rearranges’

Top 40 Urban A/C Recording Artist, Esnavi releases her new single, “Changes and Rearranges,” a track from her upcoming album, Detour which is due out later this year.

“Changes and Rearranges” sounds like a throwback with its slow grooving sound and strong, bluesy vocals about the sobering reality that nothing in life stays the same.

“It’s all about the changes and rearranges / Nothing in our lives remains the same and / Constantly moving, ever changing, rearranging,” she sings on the chorus.

“Changes and Rearranges” follows her 2015 offering “Think About It,” and is proof of her mission of creating “good music that stems from my soul and transcends everything.  Music that anyone in the world can listen to and love.”

 Stream below: