‘Funky Divas’ En Vogue Return With New Song ‘Deja Vu’

The ladies of En Vogue are back!

Original members Cindy Heron-Braggs, Terry Ellis, and newcomer Rhona Bennett have released their first song in nearly five years called “Déjà Vu” from their forthcoming release, Electric Café.

The song pays homage to the sounds of 1960s R&B with the visceral and precise harmonies and melody, which sometimes mimics the rhythmic, funky drum pattern and other times, the melody smoothly glides in harmony about feeling a connection with a love interest.

“Whether it’s old-school soul or challenging prejudice and racism with “Free Your Mind,” as a group, we are consistently evolving musically and staying relevant with the times,” says Heron-Braggs. She continues, “We find total freedom and fulfillment when we hit the stage. It’s the ultimate connection with our fans. It’s about the energy you receive, the love, and the reciprocation from the message in the music.”



Visually, the ladies are styled by seasoned creative director, Troy Jensen (stylist for iconic En Vogue videos, “Free Your Mind” and “Don’t Let Go”), capturing the sophistication and elegance long associated with the En Vogue style.

“We’re proud of being considered trendsetters, fusing music with style from the beginning with our   little black dresses to our red ‘hot’ “Giving Him Something He Can Feel” video to the futuristic look of “Free Your Mind”, says Ellis.  Now celebrating 25 years in the business, En Vogue has sustained their unique look and sound. “We adore our fans and constantly strive to give them music from our hearts,” says Bennett.

To support the new music and Electric Café release, the group is currently embarking on a world tour, with shows throughout North America (U.S. and Canada) and Europe (Holland, the U.K., Denmark). Fans can visit EnVogueMusic.com for concert dates, exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, and the latest En Vogue news.