EXCLUSIVE: Christina Milian Talks New EP ‘4U’, Acting, Working With John Stamos, Motherhood, and More

Back in 2004, singer, songwriter, and actress, Christina Milian taught us how to dip it low for your man, and she is still an exotic beauty years later. The Grammy-nominated singer has been all over the entertainment world over for a decade; from music, sitcoms, feature films, and now reality television, Milian definitely knows how to be versatile. Her reality show, “Christina Milian Turned Up” on E! which shows how she balances her career with motherhood and family.

She also works with Paget Brewster and John Stamos in the FOX hit sitcom “Grandfathered”, and plays Magneta on “Rocky Horror Picture Show”. Even though Milian is pursuing other projects, her love for music didn’t fade away. She released a new EP 4U in late 2015. “Liar” the latest, emotional single off the EP, received positive reviews from fans because Milian continues to make music that is relatable.

Singersroom.com chatted with the R&B singer about music, family, acting, and her lovely daughter Violet.

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New EP 4U – The concept for the EP was releasing new music for my fans after a long period of time.  I was very passionate about this project, and so I started recording music in the studio. Then it just became this body of work.  I was talking about some of the things that took place in my life at the time and it turned out to be a creative record. It was great for me because I was expressing myself and I put my all in it. 4U is for my fans; it was my love note to them.  I released what I had on paper and passed it on to my fans. It was a personal independent project.

#Liar4UCampaign – The campaign came from the song “Liar” on my EP. “Liar” is the opposite of love, but it is associated with love. We all have been lied too, so everyone has dealt with this concept before.  The campaign allowed me to draw a conversation with my fans about this topic.  My fans can share their personal experiences on social media and spread the word about the campaign. Also, some of my celebrity friends like Keke Palmer liked the Liar4UCampaign.  It was just different types of people who was passionate about being honest with people. We are still continuing with the campaign because we want to connect with my fans.

The reality show, Christina Milian Turned Up: I thought it was a great time to have a reality show. People were asking me when am I going to do a reality show. It was an opportunity that was always on the table. And it was a success! It was dynamic. My family is on the show, and it represents how close we are and how we are a tight unit.  My family is the core of the show.  I believe my fans can relate to my family because of our personalities.  It’s our reality. No one is not fighting and just being outright obnoxious. Don’t get my wrong; my family is not perfect, but we sincerely love each other and have each other’s backs. I love the show as it continues to evolve and it’s just a lot of fun. The show also helped my musical career because I have a whole new set of fans, which is great as well.


Balance Singing with Acting: I am excited about everything I’m doing at this current time.  It’s a lot, but I enjoying every bit of it.  I may have a photo shoot, then a tapping for my television show, and then I’m in the studio. It’s just a part of the dream, and I’m just going along with it, (laughs). I also have two phones which helps; I may not get enough sleep at times, but it’s all worth it in the end.

Television show “Grandfathered”:  The two projects are very cool. Grandfathered was an easy process for me, and John Stamos is incredible to work with on the show. John is smart, charming, cool, and a just a good person all around. The writing for the show is fun and goofy because it is a part of my personality. And it’s great playing a mother on the show.  My character gets pregnant because of a one-night stand with her child’s father. It was also a great way for me to include my maternal experience to television.

“Rocky Horror Picture Show”: The original production for the show originally started as a film from the 1970’s. I am just happy to be a part of the creative process. Kenny Ortega, the producer, and director from Michael Jackson’s This is It tour allowed actors such as myself to be free and be the best that we can be on the show. Lou Adler, the original producer of the Rocky Horror Picture film is fantastic, and he adds his ideas for the show.  Everyone on the show is great and unique. I am able to be free, let myself go, and stay current at the same time.

Daughter, Violet: Violet is six years old; she is a big girl now.  Violet plays a big role in my life, and she gives me the strength to pursue my dreams. She comes by the set to watch me work and perform.  For me, as a mother, I want Violet to have the best, so it’s important for me to lead by example.  When I’m around my daughter, I feel like I’m a child all over again. Violet brings out my inner child self, and she is a blessing in my life.

Upcoming Projects: Well, I’ve been in the studio recording some tracks, but I don’t know what’s in the works as far as music is concerned. But expect new material from me real soon. But for now,  I am featured in the two shows that I mentioned before, plus I am working on my clothing line and own a wine brand, Viva Diva Wines.  Also, I would like to do a film on the big screen, so hopefully it would happen this year or 2017.