Andra Day’s “Rise Up” Supplies The Soundtrack to Beats By Dre’s Newest Ad

Rising singer Andra Day’s triumphant song “Rise Up” was chosen out of many to be the soundtrack to Beats By Dre’s newest ad campaign featuring tennis champ Serena Williams.

And I must say…it’s a great choice!

“Rise Up” is one of those resounding anthems that reminds us to stay focused on our goals despite the negativity. The commercial features Serena as she moves through her day, often bombarded by naysayers. But Day’s song in her noise-cancelling headphones propels her focus and motivates the winner spirit in us all.

About the motivational song, Day explains, “‘Rise Up’ is saying one piece isn’t better than the other, and when one part is struggling, I’m going to help and lift you up. I will rise up with you.”

Watch Andra’s acoustic version of the song and the 3-minute ad below. Day’s album Cheers To The Fall is available on iTunes above (stream here.) Serena was eleminated during the semi-finals of the US Open in an attempt at her seventh US Open title and her 22nd major.