Jagged Edge’s Kyle Norman Arrested For Choking Fiance; Making Her Swallow Engagement Ring

A few days ago, Jagged Edge released their second single “Love Come Down,” but not much love is going down in the Norman household.

Member Kyle Norman was arrested this morning (Jan. 29) on aggravated assault charges against his fiancé. Police were called to his home and found his fiancé with a large knot on her forehead, a cut on her nose, and a blood clot in her eye. She said they got into a physical altercation when she tried to confront him about drinking too much. According to CBS 46 Atlanta, the fiancé claimed Norman allegedly choked her with a scarf, punched her, and shoved her engagement ring down her throat…Yikes…

Police reports state that Norman allegedly then broke her cell phone and took her car keys so she couldn’t call for help or leave. The fiancé said she then complied with Norman so he could leave her alone. She then grabbed his cell phone and ran out the house to call the authorities. She then went to a neighbor’s house for refuge.

Police say when they arrived, Norman was found wandering the street looking for his fiancé, and he told them, “I need to go to jail.”

Kyle told police he lashed out at his fiancé because he’s been under stress lately because his father is suffering from cancer. Last year, Norman got into a fight with Sisqo backstage.

Wow…if it’s stress related, we hope Kyle can get the help he needs to manage it.