Kelly Rowland Talks Bold Grammy Dress, ‘Slick Talk’ on Re-Titled Album

Don't be alarmed when you hear Kelly Rowland's anticipated new album. The former "Stole" and "Dilemma" singer is opening up and pushing the envelope on her recently re-titled album "Talk A Good Game."

Kelly announced the new album title and direction while attending the 55th Annual Grammy Awards Sunday night.

"I changed the title of my album. I've recorded fifty songs and condensed them down. It tells a different story. It's way more intimate and a lot of it is some slick stuff that I'm saying out of my mouth… some of the things I can't even believe that I'm saying," Kelly shared on the red carpet.

While we've already heard the hit single "Kisses Down Low," which sort of gives you an idea of where she's going with this album, Kelly says a team of writers really got her to open up on this album — pushing the envelope and going to places she's never been before.

"Some of the writers wanted to push the envelope a little bit on some things and really open me up a bit as far as what to discuss. Some things hit home," she admitted before saying that a release date is not yet set in stone. "We're solidifying a date. Once it is solidified, I will let the fans know."

In related news, Kelly Rowland was all for the dress code policy at the Grammy Awards. Laughing about some of the dresses that Destiny's Child wore back in 1999 and the early 2000s, Kelly looked to Jennifer Lopez for inspiration, saying J.Lo was bold and she just wanted to be just a little bold this year (without giving too much)…

"She came out bold and I wanted to be a little bold," Kelly said of her dress (pictured), which was one of three she had to choose from.

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