Chrisette Michele Talks New Mixtape, Losing Weight, Being “Better”, Love, More

After traveling the world this summer, Chrisette Michele is refreshed, re-energized, and filled with happiness. These characteristics are evident on her new mixtape, Audrey Hepburn: An Audiovisual Presentation, as well as her newly improved confidence as a woman. During the recent Singersroom sponsored LoveJonesNYC, which paid a heartfelt tribute to the "I'm a Star" singer, we chatted with the glowing songstress about her new mindset, wanting love, the new music she is creating, her upcoming fourth studio album, and more. Check out CM!

Traveling The World For Inspiration…For this mixtape I went to Paris, London, Amsterdam and Brussels and of course New York City where I reside. I just got inspired; when I create I need inspiration from different places…The funny thing is, the more I searched for Audrey Hepburn and her footsteps, the more I found Hip Hop and the more I found myself, so this mixtape surprised me as well.

Why Audrey Hepburn?…My mom always sang Broadway show tunes when I was younger and one of her favorite things to sing was songs from My Fair Lady, Audrey Hepburn obviously play in My Fair Lady, so she was one of the first names that I heard as a show tune type of woman, so I’ve always loved Audrey.

The New Mixtape Audrey Hepburn: An Audiovisual Presentation …I didn’t know that so many people were going to respond to it, I had never received that type of feedback from something I was kind of just experimenting with. The record label even responded with an ‘oh my God,’ and they ended up deciding that they want to purchase “Rich Hipster” and “Charades” and put that on the album as well, so that was kind of a double blessing.

New Single “Better”…I love that song…I was sick of being an angry black woman; sick of having an angry black woman syndrome. I spent a whole entire year kind of juicing and praying and cleansing. I lost 30 pounds in the process of actual weight, but also of emotional and spiritual weight. I came out and I said ‘I’m not going to sing anymore brokenhearted songs’ cause I’m not brokenhearted anymore and I hope that people can accept my healing. “Better” is the beginning of my healing, the decision that love is available if I just open up myself to it without much judgment, without anger, and without a broken heart.

Listen to Chrisette's new sing "Better"

Being in a Good Place…I’m happy. I’m not afraid to buy stuff that doesn’t cost a lot of money because I don’t have to say I am somebody, I just am somebody. No matter what I look like, no matter what people perceive me as. For the first time in my career, I feel like, you know what, I’m going to just put this out there, if you like it you like it, if you don’t you don’t. I’m not trying to prove anything…The heart is rich, my art is rich, it’s honest, it’s pure, it’s true, it’s me. Love it or leave it!

What to Expect on the Upcoming Album…I’m singing my behind off. I found out that when I sing love songs and not brokenhearted songs, I touch a different space on the inside. I realized when I sing them that I want love…so you’re going to hear a whole lot of passion from me, a lot of sensuality that I was really shy to share before. You're gonna hear what It sounds like in my room at night, from a singer perspective, not the actual noises…I think you’ll like it.

If you missed it, watch Chrisette Michele perform a surprise duet during her recent tribute.

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