Mint Condition – Believe In Us

The first single from Mint Condition’s eight studio album ‘The Speed of Life,’ is entitled “Believe In Us.” The eclectic track is what the group promised, a melting pot with Jazz, R&B, Rock, funk, which can easily clash with each other, but the veterans musicality allows them to mold influences into sweet harmony.

A positive vibe surfaces once the play button is clicked; the record calms your spirit and leaves you with a smile.

The forthcoming project, due September 2012, will contain pass material like “Pretty Brown Eyes” and “What Kind Of Man Would I Be,” while pushing the quintet’s creativity on several new records. The band opened their doors to work with DJ Jazzy Jeff, rapper Brother Ali, and M-Factory Honors on the new album.

Album: The Speed of Life
Label: Shanachie Entertainment