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Mint Condition - Believe In Us

Adeniyi Omisore Wed, Jul 04, 2012
The first single from Mint Condition's eight studio album  'The Speed of Life,' is entitled "Believe In Us." The eclectic track is what the group promised, a melting pot with Jazz, R&B, Rock, funk, which can easily clash with each other, but the veterans musicality allows them to mold influences into sweet harmony.

A positive vibe surfaces once the play button is clicked; the record calms your spirit and leaves you with a smile.

The forthcoming project, due September 2012, will contain pass material like "Pretty Brown Eyes" and "What Kind Of Man Would I Be," while pushing the quintet's creativity on several new records. The band opened their doors to work with DJ Jazzy Jeff, rapper Brother Ali, and M-Factory Honors on the new album.

Album: The Speed of Life
Label: Shanachie Entertainment

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