Kelly Price Starts Petition about ‘Racist’ Treatment from United Airlines

Kelly Price has started a petition on against United Airlines, calling the treatment she endured as being “racist.” The singer was on her way to Mobile, Alabama from Houston, Texas to participate in the Funk Fest when a United Airlines agent named Stephanie asked her to go to the back of the coach passenger’s line. Price, holding a first class ticket, said the agent didn’t bother to look at her ticket to verify exactly which line the singer/actress was supposed to be in.

Price tweeted about the incident shortly after. According to the tweets, the singer alleges that Stephanie then proceeded to help a “nonblack man in a suit” while yelling at her to get to the back of the coach class ticket holder’s line as the other United associates looked on passively. The airlines agent eventually realized her mistake but didn’t apologize.

Along with the petition titled “Demand United Airlines Treat ALL Passengers Fairly” that already has more than 1000 signatures, Price filed a complaint with Unites Airlines.

Want to sign the petition? Go to